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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!


@Maxozone wrote:

Well it has finally happened. The sneaks got around the "do not update" stops I set in the developer mode and other. It is giving me the chioce to update or postpone every time I open it. I keep it at bay by postpone all the time, yet it is so annoying. Anyone know how to tell it to go away forever? 

Galaxy Note8, Mod No. SM-N950U, SN; R28J92XWYKX

It's always kinda there and I can't see how to get rid without rooting the phone. You can turn off notifications but it'll always be lurking. I just ignore it, it comes up when I switch the phone on and lurks up top in the pull down bit. 


But it's no biggy, at least it's not in my face all the time lol 



Screenshot_20190415-225641_Samsung Internet.jpg



I just don't download it 


Brilliant!  I wish I had thought of that!  Thank you. 


Took me about 8 hours but was able to get back my OREO using odin and the sammobile flash files. Most of my settings gone but was able to save my data.. Amazing thing is it's like a new phone, fast, and the firmware on the sammobile site was a better version of oreo somehow I'm getting all these new cool options I didn't even know about!

I swear, downgrading to OREO is like actually upgrading the phone! I have a note 8 korean KT Emperor Edition 256GB internal.

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I am so sorry that i did this updtaed... They have removed the the option to discard the ridiculous icon frames and it resembles iphone icons if i wanted that i would buy an apple phone and maybe i will. And and that bixby thing where to start, i just want to switch it off and disable that button it is absurd. And to the Samsung - guys i know that you put a lot of effort in those things but please provide a way to rollback 😁


I agree with everything you said. add Samsung takes absolutely no responsibility for the negative impact on their customers and their devices. When I called to complain they told me simply to wait until the next update and maybe things would be fixed. Also my battery life has cut almost in half.


You couldn't remove icon frames with oreo either, gives you the option but it doesn't work lol. 


Don't think that's worked since Android 7 

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Got locked out of this thread for a while....hmmmm. I think they didn't like what I wrote. So I saw the YouTube video to take it back to oreo but I'm terrified I may miss a step and ...I can't believe I'm saying this but ....make it worse if that's possible. I'm not computer or tech savvy. Is anyone aware of any companies that can do this for you?

I hate Samsung now. Ugh

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I totally agree. I updated my phone yesterday and I'm so mad! The new and stupid childish changes ruined a perfect phone. But Samsung won't listen, no matter how many complaints we post here. 😡😡😡😡

Samsung, reverse the changes! Add the AM/PM to the time in the upper bar. Add the battery percentage icon.

Honestly this whole Pie update from Samsung is PATHETIC. Other companies are either still testing it, working out the bugs, or have rolled it out with ZERO impact to their existing functionality. Everyone did it right except SAMSUNG! I'm furious to have wasted money buying a Note8 at full price and enjoying for little more than a year before this in your face update made me update. Ruined everything I loved with my Note 8, which wasn't a lot! Now Bixby wants access to everything, even more than facebook. Talk about invasion of privacy!? Makes me want to go buy an iPhone now, especially since they give zero consideration to us as customers.

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