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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!

Sam mobile mate YouTube video I'm busy downloading the files... I full appreciate the issues around security updates but I'll live with the risk until Samsung sort this rubbish out... Samsung should be took to court for this. Surely its theft...
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I have an S8+ and am due to upgrade, my assumption was that I was getting the S10+... thankfully my S8+ received the One UI before the 10 rolled out.


One UI, may possibly work on small phones but it really doesn't on larger phones with the top half of the screen basically redundant and the design of the new ui would be laughable if it weren't so serious. Talk about exaggerated toytown curves everywhere, makes the phone look a bit dated and 'Fisher Price'.


Currently I'm testing an Huawei and a Pixel, not sure yet which I'll spring for  all I do know is after years of Samsung...sadly its goodbye. 


PS can I prevent updating to One UI on my Tab S4? Or is it forced like on the phones by constant nagging until you do it?


Please bring back the "dot" to hide navbar as the newer gesture festure there is a massive gap when the keyboard is pulled. This is waste of space.




Please bring back the dot to hide navbar or reduce the empty space below the keyboard.


I sincerely hope that someone at Samsung is seeing these reviews for input for the fix patches to come for the lousy One UI.

It is very irritating and hurting that the call screen for incoming/outgoing call has been ruined and lost its glory. The contact information under the name is one line that keeps changing (number, company name (if any) and the country. One has to move the phone from the ear to bring it in front and then wait for the right information to appear. This information should have been static and below the contact picture. There's ample space.

I hate the multi sweet & sour color changing call screens. Users should be given a choice to select something “sober” (i.e. static plain black/grey background). Also the contact pics in the contact and phone application needs to be enlarged a bit. These are too tiny.

I have been sending feedback to Samsung for inclusion of other contact information (i.e. company information) in the contacts list. This same can also be displayed in the recent log as well. It’s very handy. (Huawei EMUI has this lovely feature)

The "phone" application is reduced to a lower level of performance and appearance than it was previously. All in the name of "improvement" the previous keypad icon within the recent list was wonderful. Once you start typing in the keypad for name search, the result that appears is very congested and need to be very carefully touched with the tip of the finger. These lines can be widened a bit.

Further, once you have searched any contact name, there is no way of hiding the keyboard. If you tap the back button at the bottom, it takes you back to the beginning.

Same is with the gallery. The outlook with rounded corners is pathetic. In fact the One UI is using this rounded corners everywhere and this has really ruined the look and feel of things. If you want to edit a picture, the available tools are so tightly squeezed within a very small area and very small in size. It is as if Samsung has taken it for granted that everyone will use a pen for every selection. There is ample space and these icons can be slight enlarged and with adequate space between them.



I wish I'd seen this before I made the mistake of updating. I hate the camera, its not intuitive at all now :-(


A program called Odin is available specifically for samsung phones for rollback.


I successfully rolled back to 8.1 on my unlocked Note 9. For those who try this do your research.

I'm trying to do same on my note 8 using sammobile and Odin on macbook but doesn't seem to want to open file. Any idea whether it only works through Microsoft? Tia

Don't know I've only done it in Windows. Just an fyi, I successfully flashed back to 8.1 in Odin but my phone went into a boot loop and wouldn't go past the Samsung logo. I got past it by doing a factory reset on the recovery screen in the pre boot menu. Worked perfectly after that .Just in case you see the same, may be worth a try.


Well backup your phone and be warned, its not that consumer friendly.


Its day two of pie...

Its alright, but not great...

The camera is bad, things are... ok i guess.

I'm surviving... its hard but i press on.

Will i ever go back? Who knows, will she even take me back? Its hard, but not impossible...

For all the comrades struggling through pie, I'm with you...

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