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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!


I'm experiancing more and more problems as I keep on using my Note 8 with One Ui. Samsung has successfully managed to convert and expansive high end phone look like a child's video game. I wonder what they had in their minds while approving these changes and very badly de-grading their the then wonderful UI, which just required a few touches of feature additions.


The Screen capture snapshot shound is ruined

After turning on the bluetooth it does not show it in the notification bar

The Gallery appliocations is horrible 

The wipe to call feature in the SMS has been sadly removed

SMS coversation bubbles colors are ugly and these cannot be changed

The reminder application doesnt work. If a call is not attended and timed, cannot add to remind a call

My bank Application had a finger print login, which is now not available after the upgrade


I have sent my error report with system logs to Samsung. I will wait for some time and hope they come up with corrected updates. Otherwise might be a permanent good bye to Samsung. Huawei EMUI is much better and mature and user friendly.


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I'm looking at Huawei also. Samsung has removed all reasons for not switching. I've never seen an update this bad for any brand. The lack of customer input, errors, removal of tools that were selling points, lack of functionality, and poor execution are just too much. I'll never buy another Samsung nor will the people on my account that I pick the phone for or anyone not tech savvy that always asks for input.
Totally agree with you mate. I feel like smashing this piece of poop in my hands. Used to love it it's amazing how an update can totally ruin your phone. Paid a grand for my note 8 used to rave about it. Loved the fact I could add wallpaper to my texts and WhatsApp. Loved the colours and the icons now hate everything about it. What did they do employ the same ***** apple used to upgrade their iOS system? It's nothing short of horrendous. companies shouldn't be allowed to make such big changes to ppl's devices. At least give us the option to trial the update then roll back if we dont like it. It's not a failure admitting when something doesn't turn out as good as you thought it would. Does Samsung care????
Doesn't make it right mate. I didnt buy a Samsung to look as ***** as the iPhone.
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Agreed. Updated my 8+ on Friday and totally disappointed with the new UI. My contract is up for renewal on 1st April and was looking at the Note 9, but there's no way I'm spending £50+ a month on a phone that's lost it's best UI feature (the hidden navi bar) and where the icons look like a 12 year old girl has designed them - all pinks, lime greens, bright blues etc. Not a good look on a pro level phone...unless they fix it it's time to look elsewhere. Shame really though.


Personally I would of appreciated the choice

Rather than Samsung force this on us

My update said "security and privacy" update

No mention of functionality 


Then if you mistakenly download this update its impossible to revert back

So if people do like the update- great

If you dont- you should be able to revert back


Customer care ??????

This is why I ended up buying my S9 instead of others.... and they REMOVED it even though I PAID FOR IT.
Pro mode video is removed, and I also believe that the image stabilization is worse than before. The video tool that we PAID FOR is now UNUSABLE!

Everyday when I contact Samsung they keep telling me the same thing in a script. One theme that keeps coming up is that these forums are not the place to air your concerns, it is on the main Samsung page> contact us, or calling tech support at Samsung. 


FYI.... I've talked to Samsung customer care and Samsung technical dept

Basically its, once you've downloaded,  your stuck with it.  Of course you get, this feedback will help the developers future updates 

So really talking directly to Samsung is useless, that's why we have these forums. To get help from fellow users who care. Unlike Samsung who don't care. I really can't understand why they would drastically change a winning formula . If it's not broken don't fix it !!!!

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