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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!


With a few updates in April, Samsung raised the bootloader number from 2 to 3 and from 3 to 4 in some cases for most devices. Since the last Oreo booloader on those devices was 2, they got stuck. So for most devices, there is no rolling back to Oreo possible anymore.


If I got all of that right, Samsung forced an update on customers that deprived them of features they paid for and made in many cases their phone useless and ON TOP OF ALL THAT, when they saw their loyal customers were desperately trying to find a solution (solution they are not getting from the company because the company is not even responding), they decided to prevent their customers from rolling back to a previous version where the phone still had the features they paid for and the device was functional.


I was about to buy a Samsung S9 plus, because I really like the video camera. But what is the point in buying a Samsung phone if you will lose the features you want sooner or later and the company will remove or change features on your phone at will?


Android is highly customisable and you will probably be able to customise it to your liking. You can use GoodLock to customise some of the functionality of your device (or NiceLock if GoodLock is unavailable in your region), a custom launcher such as Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher, custom icon packs, and more! I hope you'll be able to find a solution!

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they aren't fixing it, they don't actually care about the customer, they care about what's in their pocket. But cmon samsung, the least you could do is leave well enough alone -_-....

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I must say, I love the Dark mode - and thats where it ends.


ONE UI is quite horrible in many ways, they broke the Camera app - its a HUGE IRRITATION to use now because i'm forever pressing the wrong things and it takes so much longer with the slider menus

The Phone dialier, contacts and recent - I have absolutely nothing good to say - it just sucks to find contacts fast, nothing is where its supposed to be.

Icons - Also hating the icon sets - hiddious.


I must agree with the original poster, he has many many valid points.   ONE UI clearly set out to make things easier, but it didn't.  Somethings are easier, but - can't say I like them at all - I fumble around trying to agree with it... but just am not after months of using it.  I will see how things progress with my next samsung Note - If the UI gets repaired, see how the UI gets changed... but, considering everything Samsung, I really dislike One UI, the cost of your hardware compared to what we get vs other brands - is it still worth it?  No, not really. - Not wowed!!


It's never getting that decent camera software back as the s10 came with One UI and the iphone clone camera software, our camera quality was actually better than the s10 camera is at the moment, Samsung have completely ruined selective focus on my s9, there's no difference between a auto shot and a selective focus shot anymore, it was so good for portrait pictures. 


We also didn't need a dedicated night mode because out of the box my s9 took amazing night shots. Now they are very noisy and look horrible. Apparently we are getting the night mode in an update 🙄


Apparently Samsung do this kind of ***** all the time with all their flagship phones.

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I am irate! I will never purchase Samsung again. What an *****ic move this was on their part. Total disregard for their customers. The phone I chose in the store is not the phone I now have after this *****ic update!
Well, at least they are doing something good for society, the deaf, dumb, and blind executives employ the mentally handiabled to to manage the product focus groups and do the programming.
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I find your list of issues to be intriguing. 

Since the update to OneUI on my Galaxy S9+, I haven't experienced any of the problems that you've described. Admittedly I haven't used a couple of the features that you've mentioned, but I have used most of them without any issue whatsoever. 


Mine is a stock S9+, as supplied without any modifications. Some of the problems that you describe sound as though they are "theme" related. I have discovered that after any software/UI update, if the has been any sort of theme applied/configured on the device, various "display" and "usability" problems develop until you switch to a new theme before respecting your previous theme (for some reason, simply "reapplying" the theme doesn't always fix the issues).


I hope that it's literally just a theme related issue and you can restore usability of your device easily. 


Bixby is annoying, as is the Bixby button, but even on a stock device with OneUI, you can easily configure it in such a way that the problems that you've described do not happen (assigning different tasks to the button press & double press options, disabling the majority of Bixby functions - I actually forget that there is Bixby on my device for how unobtrusive it is now that I got the settings sorted).


Following the update to OneUI, I did need to spend a bit of time going through all the settings and configuration options, bit that's to be expected after updating to a completely new OS  UI front end.


I strongly believe that 95% of the problems that you listed can actually be cured if you spend a bit of time adjusting your settings after you've completed the process of changing the theme. 

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