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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!

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Superuser I
In this case I assume that your phone isn't bricked (Aka: Broken) but that you simply don't like the update (Which is fine ).

Just so you know: Samsung UK is not equipped to deal with US Costumers, for that its best to go though Samsung US:

Besides, I doubt that any answer you get on this community is legally binding in the US (Considering Samsung made it clear that this community is intended for an UK Audience only):

Its just that if you wish to get proof for a case I think its better to deal with Samsung US itself.

Once again I wish you the best of luck with the lawsuit, I personally highly doubt that it will be successful (But it is the US so you never know what kind of crazy things happen there with lawsuits so meh, it happens).

Do you perhaps have some feedback about things you don't like about the update? What would you change yourself and how?
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I don't like the look either. It's terrible and childish! Why change something that works fine, just because you are releasing a new phone with a new Andoid OS and then want to change everything... It's stupid, otterly stupid!


Its trying to push the update to my s8... i hate the look of the camera app as it looks like the same shoddy apple design, along with other things.

This post solidify that, thanks.


Does anyone know how to permanently stop the update push?



how do you disable updates? 


I just heard some news, that Samsung will be issuing an update towards the end of the month. The person at tmobile did not have any detailed information as to how in-depth it might be or what it would fix.  They just said that it appears that Samsung might have heard our cries.  We will see just how much, or at all. 


@TH3ROY    here is the baseband version.. Also I see under Software Version 9 .. so I'm stuck?


I just wanna keep the old camera app. The Apple-like design is terrible!

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Despite all the hate, i wanted to try the new version. Because I'm like this, discovering new things is part of my design. And i did. And i was surprised because it's the best thing that I ever done! The battery os fine, the new ui is so ***** cool and there are lot of awesome new features. And most of the things you mentioned are easily avoidable: like the keyboard, bixby, nav bar... i find the new features smart and intuitive. The big text in the menus is made so you can use your phone with one hand, if you scroll down it will be like before. That's not a problem in my perspective. To be honest, I think that you went hard on this one, making the update to be underrated. 

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Certainly agree with the comments. Why does Contacts start with almost half the screen wasted telling me my name  I already know that. 

Why also have high resolution screens and use icons that look like a child drew them. 

Not being able to quickly switch the camera to video is also another backward step  

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