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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!

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I too wish that I saw this, this morning! 


I clicked the update button literally by accident whilst using my phone. I originally was thinking to wait until I was home as I would normally do but it happened and so it updated. I'm not one to research each every ***** update this company sends my way but it's been made a apparent I must do so from now on. The sight of it now makes me want to throw it every second. Like IM FUMING !!!!!!


I completely agree with pretty much everyone. I HATE THIS DUTTY STINKING UPDATE!!! I'm absolutely livid. I've never been so angry and p***** off about a device update but this this is just something different. 


Can I just add that I also F******* hate Google! In the sense when it comes to android phones. Never liked how they looked on phones and now I'm being forced to accept this as my new normal for the next year and 2 months. Once my contract ends I will no longer be owning a Samsung device EVER IN LIFE.


Plus has anyone checked their sound? Because mine NO LONGER F****** WORK. HOW IS THAT EVEN RAHTID POSSIBLE????? HOW SAMSUNG HOW ******  HOW???

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Hi bud you nailed it with your post, this new update is dreadfull im going to down grade if it is possible to do so. Samsung need to get there fingers out their back side and get this sorted quick style
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I agree, this update ruined my S9. Wish I could roll it back! Apps and games that used to be full screen now include the stuck and "improved" home/menu bar. In addition many apps now display incorrectly, are mis-sized and significantly crop edges. Totally unacceptable for a consumer release. 


Me too!

I hate the new design. It is the worst thing I ever see. I feal like I am ready to smash the phone =(((

Did anyone tried to downgrade to Oreo 8.1?

I just wonder if it is possible and how easy it is

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I also wish I could take the update back. This thing ruined what wasnt broke.

I spent all this money on my phone and I loved it and then they had to go and ruin everything I loved about the phone. I didn't even get the option to choose what I wanted to do with my phone they chose for me. Samsung really dropped the ball on this I'm going to probably sell the phone and switch to a different product thanks a lot Samsung get ready to lose a lot of customers.

Samsung are you listening? You need to fire whoever did the updates for your phone. You noticed you don't see any posts saying how much we love the new update!

I went to my carrier and they said once the phone has been updated it can't be reverted back.
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Literally just reset my password so I could come in here and post. I agree with everything this update is horrible, I had my Bixby button set so it only activated on a long hold. 

I don't know why I didn't look up reviews before I downloaded. The only good thing about this update is the lock screen not showing the lines for your log in code. Every other aspect is hideous 

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The only good thing in this sh**ty update is the night mode, maybe also the rotation button that appears on the navbar when you tilt the phone with rotation disabled...

I also noticed that WPS is disappeared from wifi settings, and also the possibility to set a different dns for every wifi network (ok maybe this doesn't bother many user but it does bother me)

Bixby remap app is no longer working properly on the lockscreen (that's very important because I HATE BIXBY more than you and in my country it doesn't even work.. 

Why the f**k is the clock on the left? I took this phone because it doesn't have the f**king notch!

There was no way to rollback so I returned my note 9 and I took a new one (Thank you Amazon) and I should also get 200€ cashback for the bluedays, I disabled the updates this time and I hope nothing will happen..

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