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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!

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plus I hate how they force you to use the new crappy udpates and don't just allow you to use the version that was great to continuously work forever on devices without making it mandatory and forcing everyone to switch over to *****ty updates that they hate. These professionals also need to stop this ***** too. I should have the right to stick with Android 8.1 forever if like unless a new version has all the same features and functions available like the old one has had all along leaves the themes and multitasking view alone as well especially my tablet is a Samsung 8.1 tablet so I shouldn't be forced to use other newer version on it if I don't want them. If i wanted the *****ty Android 9.0 I would get an Android 9.0 tablet and they need to really really cut it out

Whole uni UI design is like it was created by kids, i think anybody can do better design, it is simply ugly, dark/black mode helps just little. I just bought few days back A40 instead of my J3 2016 which has now problems with latest updates of apps and i am pretty dissapointed. Icons are really ugly and big, icons could be changed hopefully so that have solution but what is worse is wasting of space everywhere across all apps. Notification bar is covering whole screen because on top are big unused area and between icons is big space as well (it is very ugly and not effective), whole notification field could be done in max 4 lines even 3 i think. Gallery app same case on top big white area  wasting space which looks ugly and it does not show more content compared to my 5 inch display on J3 2016. Notepad design is simply so ugly design, i hate it (i was using notepad pretty often) .Settings menu same case. If i have a look on my J3 2016 with lollipop it is becautiful compared to this new "modern" look also more space efficient and comfortable to control. In A40 because there is big display 5.9 they dont use it but waste space. Keyboard same case, takes more space and it is wasting of space. All Touchwiz interfaces are way more effective and more pretty compared to One Ui Design. Please fix it Samsung, i used to like samsung phones due to interface a lot but now it is the opposite. Dear SAMSUNG please take for example any old SAMSUNG Touchwiz phone (J3 2016, ....) and make new phones to use display areas effective like you used to do. AND make another model like A40c (compact) with same specification as A40 with edge to edge screen but just 5 inch display please, more than 5 inch is not comfortable to control by one hand. Thanks a lot.

nobody is forcing to update. I have a tablet and a mobile with Android 8, there is an update notification from months, just ignore it. don't update if you don't want to.

Hi all,

I accidentally updated to One UI a few months ago (I have a Samsung S8).

It has certainty been a bit frustrating in places, but I have gotten used to it.


I have kinda just coped with missing features such as scheduled text messages, and other features i can't remember to be honest.


For small thinks like the navigation bar icons can be easly fixed With NavStar, which can be installed via 'Good Lock' - found on the 'Galaxy Store'


Its annoying that inorder to avoid getting updated to a new OS version, you have to give up updating altogether. An opt-in system would have been nice.


The good thing is, the next version of android will have modular updates.

Wether all will get the update, I don't know.


I'm not sure what else to say...

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