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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!


I read this in another thread, could be a fix in the future?

Hi Maxozone,

Zandi (First Poster) posted a new reply in Galaxy S9 | S9+ on 03-04-2019 07:54 PM:

Re: S9 pie upgrade - Hate the new look

I sent them an email detailing my disappointment after the upgrade, this is what they said:


"We'd like you to know that Samsung is aware of this issue and will be releasing a fix on the next update real soon."


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I really need my Samsung S8+ to be how it was before this PIE *****..

I think i will wait till around end of April, if they have not fixed it then it is bye bye samsung , hello Huawei

Does Huawei have phones like the Note 8, or Note 9? I like the stylus and the cameras.
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I agree 100%! I hate all these "enhancements " YOU BROKE MY GREAT PHONE! PUT IT BACK! PUT IT BACK!


AAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHH THIS FKN PHONE IS SO ANNOYING NOW!! WHY CANT I TAKE A ***** SCREENSHOT USING THE SWIPE FUNCTION!!!! Deffo ditching Samsung unless they sort this mess out. I've looked after this phone and never got frustrated with it like I did iPhones now I've an even worse iPhone wannabe *****!!!!!! Sorry the language but I'm so angry atm 

Hope so because my note 8 is useless now! Although what stops them doing a Samsung?
Apologies wanted to edit out bad language bit dont know how!

Slick91 - I hear you. I felt exactly the same. I'd just moved away from iPhone because I was jack of Apple. The S9 started off so good then they released this sh!tty update and it made it even worse than the iPhone I just got rid off. So f@#cking angry. But there is a way out. I rolled my phone back. It was surprisingly straight forward. So fear not my friend. You can at least get your "old phone" back. 

I'm just trying to get hold of a Microsoft laptop so I can install the files from sammobile I tried using a macbook but wouldnt recognise the files when I tried to open them. Or am I doing it wrong? Thinking about it now am I supposed to use Odin to open the files. Cheers.
Ditto on a Note 8, plus it lost settings and broke widgets. The fact that it is difficult to use the Bixby button for anything else is insulting and unconscionable. 'Way to build brand hatred Samsung!
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