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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!


Go to , scroll to bottom of page, support> email us


I found contacting them through their Facebook page was best, they are actually responding to me. When I emailed them, I was just told to come here :-/

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@Td75 wrote:

I found contacting them through their Facebook page was best, they are actually responding to me. When I emailed them, I was just told to come here :-/

I will try that. The destruction of the nav bar, the ruining of task manager, the child like deaign.


It's cringe worthy and I'm no longer proud to have a Samsung. The widget for Calendars has been ruined, I can no longer have a checklist that can be altered, ticked off and added to from my home screens.


May as well have a *****ty iPhone if this is the direction they're going.


I used to be able to hold the task manager button to enter split view bit now that doesn't work.


The task manager no longer being stacked is *****house! Also you can only swipe appa away in an upward motion.


Designed for children.


Ok good to know. I emailed that address a week ago and they actually responded so I thought that was the way to go. I hope a lot of people voice their displeasure.


Wheres the notifcation pritorizarion feature?! I want to have a notification at the top of the list, but they seemed to have removed it!!!! Why!?!?!


I could not find the place to set an individual ringtone or message, just one for calls and one for messages & Email. Very annoying. Not as it used to be, or should I say NOT THE ONE I PAID FOR!!!!

And whats more there is not a whisper from either Samsung or Google (I heard Google had a hand in the upgrade). That is one of the main reasons that I have been asking everyone to give a call to the 24 Hr tech support to ask them for solutions (I ask them to guide me thru changing the icons back to the ones I purchased) then the call log shows a fail to solve and registers the problem. It took me almost 10 minutes to get thru to a tech last call I made, it used to be almost immediate.  The tiem we spend messing around with the device trying to get it back to that which we paid for, we could be living. Instead we are chasing our tails, finding out that there are more things that have been pirated and stolen from us, and how much more we have been rogered with our trousers on!


As mentioned you can use Odin and a pc to reinstall oreo, you need to look up about firmware and what it all means then find the correct version for your phone. 


Be aware though things can go wrong and Google answers are generally out of date. It's a bit of a clenched cheeks situation. 


I'd suggest reading as much as possible before thinking about it or finding someone else to do it. 


If you haven't updated or are reinstalling oreo don't forget to go into developer options and switch off system update in there or it will update again. 


Regarding security, you still get security updates on oreo, security and operating system aren't one and the same. My security just updated today. 

I HATE this is the worst update in the history of updates. You have ruined my camera is now a piece of *****. 

The whole dang point of this phone for me was the took my 12mp full screen away and now my phone is an exspensive paperweight. I get 9.1mp at full screen now..excuse me...and I cant go back to I can have security updates you have to take 4mp away from the full screen...really. you took pro away, moved all the stuff at the top to the botto., everything from the right to the left, put in a tree to zoom even though you can still place your fingers on it to zoom, took the video button away so you cant instantly open the app and choose video or camera, then once I take a picture if i wanna delete it, the trash moved from the top right to the bottom of the screen.

Not to mention the icons look like it's from a child's tablet, you took up 1/3 of many screen so someone didnt have to scroll to the top, that's your reasoning....I'm to lazy to scroll so you moved the top of the page to 2/3 the way down...I'm not 5....

You give me suggested apps when I'm closing least I can change that....but let's not forget you moved the icons on the menu around and now when I go to close apps they are all horizontal instead of vertical and anytime I open it you delete the current page I was on....I cant go to flip between the pages as I did before. 

You decided to rearrange my albums for me

..thank so knew where I wanted them set as I didnt spend a day rearranging them thanks! 

When I go to my contacts now and try to scroll, you made that so much I have to scroll as the alphabet isn't just there, and when I try to chose N it just much harder to go thru my contacts...

You changed so many things it's insane that you thought its user friendly. The notifications menu is all screwy... no longer user friendly. Not to mention when I try to change my volume It only populates media and I have to scroll down to turn the ringer to vibrate...not to mention the vibration patterns are so needed, cause ea h person needs a vibration setting instead of a sound setting. The notifications drop down is dumb. 

My smart watch and the phone now have a war over who gets to announce a communication. Sometimes the watch does, sometimes the phone does, and sometimes they both do....that's I never know when at work if I have missed a call or text...that's swell.

One last thing FIX MY FULLSCREEN 12MP CAMERA!!! Why did you feel that was necessary HUH?


Time to band together. Petition, Class action lawsuit, and one of my favorites; the old time handwritten, snail mail, letterwriting campaign!

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This post says it all, does anybody know how I can fix my phone now? It is now just a very expensive piece of sh**

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