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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!

The only way to go back is via a 3rd party pc software called odin, but I'm still figuring it out... and I'm scared of messing up
Garry9, how can we go about a Class Action Lawsuit, its not like Samsung cares. My first tweet responce from the uk branch was a bit dismissive.

I don't think in the UK that you can take class action as I believe that is a US thing. My advice would be as I said to make a complaint to the CAB and trading standards and hopefully trading standards will start an independent action. Apart from that we have just got to shout as loud as possible, comment on Samsung FB ads, contact prominent advocates such as Martin Lewis and just post our upset at this where ever we can. Samsung are trying to ignore us, I put in an official complaint and they ignored it however I am following a proccess given to me by CAB so if they continue to ignore as I follow the steps there will come a point that CAB will take action also


pictures during videos doesn't work and they still messed up galary, you made no arguement against the mentioned post.

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I agree with everything you said. @samsung please change it back! I haven't found anyone who likes it.

One: ios design is the antithisis of what i want,  this update has many issues but yes, no need to talk about what you paid.

But this update is a problem, too many issues and they claim it comes from comunity feedback.

I hope they can fix the issues and i am sad that many people are leaving Samsung.


So after less than a week I've a 2nd update and holy ***** it's made my phone even slower.... roll on September I'm ditching Samsung after this like. I bought the phone purely on the look and feel of everything that was Samsung  Now I've a ***** android iPhone well done Samsung for listening not to us but some ***** in a suit that hasn't a clue and no doubt you outsourced this pie ***** to a third party to make for you. And let's not get started on Google. For heavens sake. But what stops any tech provider just changing everything and forcing you accept ***** updates  Even now typing this I'm looking at how I've only 2 word suggestions but 2 massive proxy arrows taking up the rest of the space and the spaces between the buttons are too big and the buttons smaller. F*** you Samsung sort this s*** out.

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Second update here too and I've just noticed a change in the media player. You used to be able to scroll through a video by holding and  swiping left/right on the longer. You were also able to adjust the brightness on the left and the volume on the right by swiping up/ longer. Try using the volume rocker while a clip is playing - it adjusts your ring volume and you have to swipe down from the top to change the media level. I despair, I really do...




I think there very much IS a point to mentioning how much money we have paid. I upgraded from a Note 8 having done a lot of research into the Note 9: I waited until a couple of months after its release and watched all the reviews and 'How To's on YouTube to make sure there weren't going to be any annoying changes that I couldn't live with.


I most definitely would NOT have spent all that extra money on a Note 9 if I knew what Pie / One UI was going to do to the functionality of the phone just a few months later. Having features removed that you have very carefully and specifically paid for is NOT COOL.


I was soooooo happy with the phone before the update but now I feel so betrayed by Samsung's actions that (unless they add back what was removed in a future update) I will seriously consider going with another brand next time. A real shame because it was completely avoidable.

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Sorry but does anyone have a direct email address so I can send some thoughts directly to samsung?


This phone of mine is now ***** and useless to me.

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