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Don't Update to One UI/Pie!!!!!


UK users contact Citizens advice and trading standards as I have. They told me Samsung are liable and must either correct this or pay compensation.


I am hating this upgrade so much I just want to throw my phone against the wall, it just reminds me why I hate iPhones so much. This feels clunky and unituitive, I cannot even get my pro camera to go to Vivid and I manually changed the settings on pro and cannot get them to move back because hitting "reset" does f-all. I have an old S6 that I am going to go back to and sell off my S8 because I am not tech savvy enought to @rse around with Odin.


Ive heard good things about it odd!! like supposed to be easier to do things?.........

It's like an iPhone click on 3 unnecessary steps before getting to a screen you previously pressed once to get. Or even not get want you want as it's gone. I loved the extra volume option when on handsfree, that's not an option anymore its total garbage. And those that say otherwise quite frankly are either mental or paid by Samsung to say it's good. Its absolute garbage. And the end of the day the morals behind changing ppls phone on a drastic measure like this is wrong and no company should be allowed. Give us a choice. I honestly could see a decline in sales now.

A decline in sales and enough complaints is the only way they will ever change.   I would suggest to anyone that is unhappy w/this update to email Samsung support.  I did and actually got a response.  It was typical 'we appreciate you as a customer..' jargon, but the part that annoyed me was that they suggested 'people are hesitant any time there's change'.  This is not true, at least in my case.  What i have a problem with is stripping so many awesome features from a device that are a huge factor in why people buy them in the first place.  They told me the new design was based on feedback.  I am highly skeptical of this, unless thousands of people actually wrote to them to remove all of the missing features mentioned in this forum.  It's disappointing.  I never thought I'd move away from Samsung phones and have always raved about them and tried to show as many people as i could what they were missing with iPhones or stock Android.  When the day comes that they force One UI on my beautiful Note 9 with Samsung Experience, i will start  shopping for another brand.  Hopefully they restore a lot of the stuff that was removed in the meantime, that's the only thing that will keep me as a customer. 

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AGREED!!!  RUINED MY  $1200 NOTE 9.. 


And what's so funny is Samsung obviously knows how we feel.. I have read 0  ZERO  Positive posts..  turn back the update!!!!! 


Not a ***** peep to be heard from Samsung or Google (heard that the Google design teams had a hand in this abortion)

I don't imagine they even care about the 'customer experience", they are just pushing ahead with their plans. I'm thinking that there should be a global boycott of all Samsung; washers, driers, stoves, phones, etc. maybe that would get them to listen.81Q2jJv4qNL._SY550_.jpg


I loved the old camera app.
Now i have to mess up my organisation to use Odin - a 3rd party tool, to fix it.
How could they mess up this bad?!
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How to deletr the cache ib thw recovery

S8 and onwards: power, volume up and bixby button hold from off state, pick wipe cache partition with volume keys, confirm with power button.
But after doing so, my update still worked... so be warned.
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