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Delayed notifications issue affecting all range of Samsung devices since at least half a year.

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Yes, you are right. for the first time it seemed for a short time to be good but not :(

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Having the exact same issue on my Galaxy S8. Just had a live chat session with a Samsung representative and I highlighted this topic for their attention. I was told they will try to get the relevant teams attention. Not expecting much but... Perhaps if most of us did the same they would get annoyed eventually and have someone from Samsung tell us what is going on.

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i think the samsung's new energy saving doesn't work: doze mode

The phone goes to deep sleep mode (turned off wifi, etc...)


the most beautiful thing is that there is no way to turn it off...


I also tried this but it didn't work:


i never had an iphone phone but recently i was seriously thinking about selling s10e and iphone instead

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The only thing that has worked for me is:


adb shell dumpsys deviceidle disable


Note the "disable" as opposed to "enable" at the end of the command. This disables Doze mode temporarily, until you reboot your phone. The annoying thing is that you need to re-run this command after each reboot.

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Thanks, I've tried it before, but the whole thing isn't worth it after every reboot.


I'd rather leave the phone on mobile data if I can


notifications are working correctly on mobile data


Right now, only fix for problems with notifications is Push Notifications Fixer


Also, I turn off battery optimization for problematic apps.

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my galaxy s9 will definetely be my last samsung product, i promise to switch to huawei!

this issue sucks the most and samsung isnt doing anything about it.

my payment notifications come as they wish. for eg. standing infront of movie theater, buying tickets online and here it stops because i cant aproove the payment in my bank app because of the missing notification.

im so mad at samsung! never ever samsung again!!!


PNF only worked for me for a very short time, then delayed notifications came back. Why doesn't Samsung do something about this shameful situation ?

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Samsung is very stubbornly sticking to its energy-saving ideas, which slowly slips back as it makes customers own ideas. But on my own phone, I had to decide if it would be up to 1-2 hours before it would come down or more important that all notifications, regardless of what network I was on immediately. I slowly get to the point of replacing the phone with another manufacturer's product. The 700 euro phone does not receive notifications immediately in the 21st century, joke ... Samsung with an update and a switch button could solve the problem but rather push a bad policy

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Ive also been having the same problom for the past 4 months or so. I've factory rest and turned off all the power saving features, to no avail.  Right now Im trying an app called PNF No-Root, and it seems to be working somewhat. Samsung really needs to get their stuff together .

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