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Delayed notifications issue affecting all range of Samsung devices since at least half a year.

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I have the same issue on my samsung S9. This is critical to me because I have monitoring application which send notifications if something is wrong. My previous phone samsung S4 is working normally. Samsung, pls, fix this ASAP, or I'll have to sell this and bay some other brand which is working properly.


I have a Samsung s9+ and am having the issue when my phone is screen locked eg phone on but screen off.

When off many notifications do not come through but the minute i turn on the screen they come through.

My phone is on the latest software.

Any ideas on how to fix?

My provider is Woolworths mobile which back bones off the Telstra network.



I got same issue issue here with S9.

Any ETA to fix this?
No ETA. No ackowledgement from Samsung.
It is annoying as.

Anyone having the issues on non-Samsung Android devices?  My Chuwi tablet behaves the same way so I am suspecting it may be Android related.  My Ipad displays all notifcations instantly!


Just got my S9 a few days ago and I have had the same issues. Thanks for the (temporary) fix. It blows my mind that I dropped so much money on a phone and they can't even fix a simple bug for 6 months. I've sent a message to Support about it, hopefully they get it to the dev team, because this is actually pathetic for a flagship phone.


Even after major update to new software issue is still not fixed. 

Not happy 

Which temporary fixare you speaking about please

Look at the end of the first post, basically you gotta enable USB debug mode and use abd to insert a command which disable power saving or "doze" mode.

As for me, I'm probably returning this phone.

How long have you had phone for?
Im thinking of returning mine also
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