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Delayed notifications issue affecting all range of Samsung devices since at least half a year.


I read all comments on this post, for some disabling doze worked to some extent, for some "Mobile Data always active" in developers mode worked and may be this paid application might worked for you, but I don't see anyone else from the people in comments for last 1 year reported that it worked for them. App rating 3.1 says it all as well.


I see it as a scam, so, made everyone aware of it.


Info for Guys on the thread,

I just noticed that under Developers Mode there is an otion "Running services".

I was monitoring it for over a night and whenever I received delayed notifictions for whatsapp for example I quickly checked when exctly the service started and it says "30 seconds ago".

This indicates that when phone is idle for long enough it is killing the whatsapp service hence no notificaiton.

Same is with other applications.


So, just wanted to point this out if that give some direction to look for workaround or resoultion of this annoying issue.

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Just adding a +1 to this. I only started having this issue recently (End of July, 2019). I've also tried many of the suggested solutions in this thread to no avail. I just got a meeting notification for a 3:30pm meeting at 4:27pm.... And I'd been in the calendar during that hour in between. Something is off...

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fixed it! 

ordered a huawei.

bye samsung.


i have to go through the support procedure of my carrier until theyll send that sucking phone back to samsung and i go until i got my money back or a new s9 that i can instantly sell.


I just got a brand new Galaxy Note10+. Major problems with notifications from Gmail, as described by thousands of users over the past many months. I've tried ALL suggestions, ideas, tips, tricks and supposed fixes. NOTHING works! I'm truly AMAZED that one of the most expensive and advanced smartphones in the WORLD is unable to handle notifications from a core app like Gmail :-(

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Same here, I sold Note 10 plus yesterday and was forced to go back to using an iPhone (fortunately I haven't sold it). because my job as an online seller is required to be able to immediately answer buyer questions or lose buyers. I really like Note 10 plus but if it's like this of course it's better I use another device instead of having to lose income. I have tried various methods including factory reset three times, changing various settings about battery optimization and others but failed. Come on Samsung, this smartphone is expensive

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I was try it but not working on note 10 plus

So every Samsung phone that I have been able to check that is on Verizon's network has had a DEBUG kernel deployed out to it.  Any devloper will tell you that anything running in debug mode will run slow.  This on top of the fact that it is a security risk to be running a DEBUG kernel in production, even the Android team thinks so as evidenced by the message that they embedded in the log file if a DEBUG kernel is running.


Do something for me if you will.  I am curious if it is Samsungs fault and they pushed the DEBUG kernel out to all of their vendors.


1.  Go to the Android Recovery menu

2.  View recovery logs

3. Open   /cache/recovery/last_kmsg

4. Scroll down and see if you have a message like below in your log




**                                                                                      **

**  trace_printk() being used.  Allocating extra **

**  memory.                                                                   **

**                                                                                      **

**  This means that this is a DEBUG kernel and **

**  it is unsafe for production use.  If you see     **

**  this message and you are not debugging      **

**  kernel, report this immediately to your         **

** vendor!                                                                      **

**                                                                                      **




I kept messing with this hours and hours and finally got it working in my Tab A 10.1 2019. I believe that the biggest issue was adaptive battery feature that doesn't work properly. In addition to delaying notifications it noticeably slowed down the device, which could explain why some people report disabling doze actually increases battery duration or why some report disabling all Google's services as solution (these "smart" AI-things are probably among Google's services).


In addition to 1.) disabling adaptive battery, I have 2.) disabled "optimise settings" for battery 3.) disabled app specific battery optimization for gmail. Not sure if 2.) and 3.) are needed and I believe the main problem was 1.). I might have also turned off other AI-based battery optimizations I don't remember Hope this helps someone and and saves nerves.

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After I sold it, I finally bought another note 10 plus  because I fell in love with the model, the sound and the screen. And trying to get rid of deep sleep through the adb command, how you can find it on google was very easy by typing: "notification fix oneplus 6t" then search on page 2. This works perfectly, all notifications run in real time. But with the condition that is not allowed to restart or turn off. If restarting must repeat again and very easily. What is important, it does not affect the battery, even I feel longer by disabling deep sleep. Now all my Android phones have the deep sleep feature disabled. The problem is temporarily resolved until you wait for the latest update to completely correct this problem.

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