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Delayed notifications issue affecting all range of Samsung devices since at least half a year.

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Note 9 and same issue. 

I recently installed Arlo Security System and its the fast notification that I need immediately. No point in getting a security event notification hours after the breach.


It's defiinitely feels related to the sleep/doze mode as the phone instantly gives me the notifications once I lift or move the phone. For example, last night I had a friend stay the night until he left at 6:10am, the Arlo unit detected the 'person' and correctly recorded the notification event as a 0610 activity, but I only got the notification when I lifted my phone at 0738. So this means that the security system isn't achieving anything because of this power saving delay! annoying.


I might try leaving on 4G instead of wifi and see if that helps, otherwise I'll need to find another device that can use the app....hmmm

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Samsung M20 here. Tried everything but nothing solved the issue. Finally set the autoforward in GMAIL to a local imap emailaccount at my ISP. Got rid of the GMAIL-app and started using the standard SAMSUNG-emailapp on that emailaccount. (synchronisation set to 'auto').

Now every notification comes in almost immediatly!

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I'm on the Note 8 and so is my friend. I received an Amber Alert 4 minutes after my coworkers received theirs and she still hadn't received it after 15 minutes. Been looking for months for a fix. This may be my last Samsung phone.

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I have the same issue since I bought my Note 9 and I thought it was only me and / or maybe samsung will fix it in future updates this is clearly a dam BUG .. It's so annoying .. I always been a loyal customer for samsung specially for Galaxy Note Series .. Started to happen with my wife's note 8 .. And my note 9 same issue more than 6 months now .. I am still in hope that samsung will fix it soon because I am running out of patience .. And that could change my mind about remaining Loyal to Samsung .. And will seriously switch to another Company that cares about each customer voice and notes ..

Kindly fix it samsung it is a shame to ignore it ..


I have had the same problem. Notifications from whatsapp/GMAIL/Home alarm come 1 hour late when on wifi. I have a Galaxy S9, unlocked bought from samsung that I am running on Sprint network. I have had Galaxy since s3. Definetely thinking of switching companies now.


I've been silent for 2 months now, that's because I've found an app that disables doze and I'm testing it for 2 months now, I've done a couple of phone restart and I've updated android and notifications work fine (hope I don't jinx it). I don't know if Google fixed that issue or if it's because of this app but I'm just happy that it works now.


This is app link on Google Play Store


I've paid 5$ I think for the app.


bonjour meme probleme sur s10  :-( 


And now frauds coming in to misuse the issue to earn money.

Stay away from the app mentioned by Dinozg, it's just a C R A P.



Any solution to this issue yet? 


Well I'm sorry you feel that way but that app solved my problem, if you think that's ***** it's ok I was just trying to help.

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