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Cropped camera on new update

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I updated my s9 this morning  to g960fxxu2csc1 (I dont know if this is the right code or not) and all camera apps are cropped when capturing the full screen. Is there a way to solve this or patch this in a new update? I found out this problem when on snapchat but it also happens in the default camera app when taking full screen pictures (18.5:9). It wasnt like this prior to the update.


The phone screen is 16:9 ratio but camera is set to 4:3 by default so doing video it appears to zoom in. 

Other thing is image stabilisation, that can also cause cropping or zoom. 


I'd try the image stabilisation first and see how it goes. 

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My S9+ camera has been doing this too ever since the update! Changing the ratios and video stabilization settings hasn't helped so far. I hope they fix it soon

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