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Contact list lost, WhatsApp becomes totally unresponsive

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Since the update pushed last week I have lost the majority of my contacts (Google contacts but they sync'd after the updated and wiped them all away!) And WhatsApp becomes totally unresponsive. Anyone else experiencing this? I hope I have a backup of the 200 or so missing contacts somewhere :( 


Superuser I
Superuser I
Never had an issue like that. Can you try to manually log in to your Google account and check if things still are there?

Honestly, your situation is one I would never want to be in. It might perhaps be due to a malicious app considering I haven't seen this complaint on the community before 😅

On the contacts side, have you checked that the missing ones aren't just hidden.  This hapened to me a while ago and too me a while to resolve but it's easy.

Go into contacts, select the menu (three lines topish left).  Make sure that All Contacts is selected.  If that's not it, then I'm afraid they are really gone from your device.


The only suggestions I can make on Whatsapp are the usual ones:

a) Delete the app's data

b) Remove and re-install the app

You will likely lose your app history if you do this - though you could try downloading a copy of the installation files from APKMirror and try installing over the top of the existing installation.  However, I really don't know what would happen if you tried that.



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