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Connecting to car using RSAP with Dual Sim S9


I bought a dual sim S9 while I was in France. However the dual sim S9 will not connect to any car using RSAP (remote sim access profile).


There are thousands of people all over europe who cannot connect their dual sim S9 phone to their car using RSAP. There are many posts from all different countries in this and other forums expressing this problem. The only reason why it does not get raised as an issue in the UK is because in the UK it is the single sim variant that is sold, and RSAP connectivity works perfectly fine with the single sim S9.


I have seen various posts from consumers giving their opinions, but I can't find a post from an official Samsung representitive explaining the cause and the solution.


So, please can some one from Samsung categorically state:

Why does the single sim variant works with RSAP but the dual sim variant does not.

Please explain when the dual sim variant will be modified to allow it to work with RSAP.

If you state that that there are no plans to add this feature, please state the reason why as there are thousands of people that want to know why they can't connect their phone to their car using RSAP.


Please don't advise other ways to connect to the phone, I know how to connect my phone using bluetooth or a cable, but that doesn't allow the capabilities that are provided when connected by RSAP.


After you've provided these details, I and all the other users that have this problem can then decide whether to keep our Samsung phones and live with the reduced functionailty, or whether to buy an alternate brand that does provide this facility. 



AntS Moderator

Hi @DotNetDude


I've read your PM to me on this one, but figured I'd reply in a public post in the interests of anyone else out there that may be experiencing the same issue.


I'm unsure of the exact reasons why the dual-SIM variant wouldn't work in this case, and so I've asked for advice from our software team for you guys. Me or one of the other Mods will let you know of what we get back from that.


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Great, many thanks, looking forward to the response.
AntS Moderator

No worries @DotNetDude.


Our software team have got back to us pretty quickly. It seems that they’ve received a few queries from other countries about this one previously. They also confirmed from speaking with the developers in question that RSAP isn’t supported on Dual-SIM S9 variants, and that there are no plans to do so. Sadly, the developers haven't been forthcoming with more than that.


Appreciate that it's not what you wanted to hear. I'd have liked for a fuller explanation too.


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Thanks for the reply. Clearly not the answer I was looking for, but at least I know where I stand.

ChrisM Moderator

Indeed. Thanks for bringing this to our attention, @DotNetDude.

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Thank you for all the information provided.

I don't understand why Samsung is not working to solve RSAP functionality on Galaxy S9 and S9+.

It's very clear that RSAP feature is used by thousands and thounsands of european users and the DUAL SIM functionality is a feature useful for a few users.

I think that there is a very easy way to solve this problem: convert DUAL SIM to a configurable feature. If you want a SINGLE SIM phone with RSAP feature or if you want a DUAL SIM phone. And that's all.


On the orher hand, Is there any app or patch outside SAMSUNG labs to solve this problem?

Thank you.


New Member

I need the feature for my car.
We bought S9 Dual sim for me and my wife, quite expensive but we bought it as long term investments.
We bought a new car (at a fair amount of money, too, but it's also a long term investment) with a lot of connected features. We were told that it was compatible with rSAP for connectivity. Since I had s7 and s8 before with that feature, and that it was ANNOUNCED on s9, I did trust the ability of the new device to connect via rSAP.


Unfortunattely, I am now forced to configure every-single-time a hotspot on my mobile device if I want my car to access to the 4G/LTE on my mobile device. It should have worked perfectly fine with rSAP and it was sold like it should have.

Very disappointed.

I am a computer scientist and IT Manager,  so I've done some research and came up with some "rooted" solutions that 100% worked. But I don't want to have a rooted device. That's not why I paid samsung that amount of money for their flagship.

WHEN will Samsung release a feature where we could chose what Sim we want connected via rSAP in the dual sim configuration ?



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Hi Ben
youve said "..came up with some "rooted" solutions that 100% worked"
can you point me out : HOW ??
or can you send me an email where did you find this 100% solution ???
Many thanks in advance
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Also got this issue. Thought I'd got a single sim s9+ but looks like I was sent a dual sim phone. 

Trying to connect to my 2012 Audi but can only hands free it. Remote sim was great for sat nav and Google searches. 


Samsung need to fix this or this will be my last Samsung. Might even swap early to a rsap compatible phone 

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