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Clock now placed at left in the status bar. WTF?


Please can we get an option to place it at the right again? Or even better: can we get an option to hide the clock and other icons in the status bar?


I can't believe such a simple customization task can't be done. 2019 and we still in the Jurassic era for certain things, OMG.

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I agree these options should be customizable for users. Placing the clock at the right actually created lots of confusion for me initially.

I believe we should not change or alter things too much just for the sake of it.

Also clock icon is so wrong. The standard clock icon should display 10:10 but for some reason samsung decided to use their own time

Well this does not affect the usability at all but it does shows the gradual unconventional shift samsung is trying to bring (at times unnecessarily)


Hope someone from samsung is taking note of these feedback.





Agree, very annoying. For me, left side "clear" means no notifications. Now I have to look for my glasses first! This stupid decision comes from stupid notch but S9 has no notch so, MAKE THIS OPTIONAL PLZ.

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I agree completely. Samsung please make this customizable.

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