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Clear case not working after s9 update


I hope so, bcz pie update is in beta mode, so they are still upgrading pie and solving problems,  so may b in new update they will fix it

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I switched off the device and restarted it after 10 secs and the case is now working


My case is still not working properly. "Allways on display" has been switched on. I allways get the same clock on my cover screen. I want another clock from their list... so I can "box" it, I can then confirm my choice, but it makes no difference. The same when I choose another colour... it does not make any difference. My S9 only gives the first clock layout of the list, in white letters.


Hi I am also experiencing this issue with my clear chip case on my Samsung galaxy s9 + after the new One UI update. It doesn't work with the case anymore. I am currently liaising with a Samsung rep to see if they can fix the issue. Hoping to fix the issue soon. 

Hi I had the same problems with my S9 and the clear view cover
Removing the case for 10 seconds and putting it back on solved the problem for me
hope I could help you

Removing the case did not work for me....

Meanwhile I discovered another issue: we can now choose to see our agenda items on the clear view after swiping it. However, it does not synchronise with the agenda app... I have sent Samsung a feedback / problem report with a complete log of my phone attached, and now I’m waiting their response...


Hi I tried taking the case off but it didn't work for me when I put it back on. Also all the accessories options are missing too. Have been talking to Samsung and the have logged into my phone and taken the information needed to find out what the problem is. Hopefully there will be a fix for both the case and the accessories options. The wireless charging is also missing which was in the accessories option. 


Hi Samsung have also logged into my phone and have taken diagnostic information from the phone to find out what is going on with the case. My accessories option which includes the wireless charging is also missing from the advanced features option. Is accessories still available in your device after the One UI Pie update?. Hopefully Samsung will find a solution to the problems. 

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I'm having the same problem since the "upgrade" yesterday. Did you every find a solution ? Thx


Hi Doug.  Samsung are still investigating the issue and will get back to me once they have viewed the folders they obtained from my phone. BUT I have discovered something very interesting. I have purchased another Samsung case this time with Samsung branded on the back and it now works. It appears my other case is not a genuine case but a case brought out by a company called AICASE advertising Samsung products. Their case looks identical until you looks very closely at the chip and magnet in the case. The chip is smaller in my other case and the magnet is in a different spot. So it looks like my other case which has the issue will no longer works wit the new Android update. This company guaranteed that this was a genuine Samsung case but clearly it's not. I've contacted the seller and he says the other one should still be compatible with the new update. So it looks like only genuine Samsung branded cases will work with the phone and the new update. The accessories option is also now showing with the phone in the new case. So I guess these so called AICASE cases are not going to be compatible with Android update. So all those people with an AICASE case will experience the same problem. Is your case a genuine Samsung branded one.

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