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Clear case not working after s9 update

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Same here after yeaterday updation of S9+ clear view time not shown.

I'm dissappointed with Clear View case :( Samsung Shop is selling this product, but removes sensor options with update. I hope they fix it ASAP.
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I updated my S9 this morning to Android Pie and my case did not work.  Turned it Off and On again and now it is working as before.

Case is the Samsung LED Display View Flip Wallet P/N: EF-NG960PBEGWW


Amend your settings in the lock screen, always on display, show always

First Poster is not active after updation of software.

Mine works now was blank after pie update


Since Pie update all functionality of the covers stopped. Even the accessories option is removed from settings. 

I have a clear view cover that was working perfectly fine since I got it. But now it's just a piece of trash. Through my search online I can tell you it's a bug in the Pie update. One that we don't even know when it's gonna be sorted out.



@Savan wrote:

I talked with Samsung customer support,  they told me they removed case sensor options in new update so case is not working. We have to wait for new update. 

Why they turn it off? Will they really fix it? That is frustrating


adjust your settings!


It is there, I did give details - mine is working fine but wasn't after the pie update 


the option: accessories is removed in the pie update. Where exactly you say it lies now???

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