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Change power saving mode erases my home screen apps

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Since the last update whenever I change my phone from max power saving mode to any other battery mode it loses the apps that were on my home screen.  I have all my apps sorted into folders (so sad I know) and it loses all of those settings too. It didn't do this prior to the last update or maybe I have changed a setting somewhere since that is causing it.  How do i stop this from happening?  

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It did that to me too. Luckily, I backed up my phone and was able to restore everything. Im afraid if I do it again, it will erase everything again. A glitch on samsungs part?

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Happened to me too. All folders removed and all hidden apps reshown 😕

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Yes me too and changes default keyboard back to Samsung

Very very irritating

Are we're going to get an answer to this one 

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This keeps happening to me as well! Very irritating.

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