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Cannot register my Dex Pad in Samsung Members app


Hi, I cannot register my Dex Pad in Samsung Members app.

I entered:

-product type: other

-model: tried EE-M5100 (on device), EE-M5100TBEGWW (on box)

- S/N (on device)

I always get "Incorrect model number entered. Try again." message (the same for serial number).

Can I register Dex Pad? Can I try any web site for registration? Thanks.

ChrisM Moderator

Hi @PSte.


Where did you buy your Dex Pad and are you based in the UK?


Hi. I'm from Slovakia and I bought my Dex Pad in local eshop.

AntS Moderator

@PSte: Samsung UK have a 'desktop' Samsung Members link on our site where folks can register products, but I couldn't find something like that for Samsung Slovakia. Just to test that model code for you, though, I tried it out in our link (Members > Benefits > Register Product > [entered product code in 'enter product name', waited until the suggestions came up, and clicked on the Slovakian DeX Pad to select it] > Register Product, and it registered fine for me.


In this instance, I reckon you should get in touch with our friends over at Samsung Slovakia to see what they can do for you:


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