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Can't search for GIFs

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@Lotte32 wrote:

I have the same problem! So frustrating. Did you get an answer to this? Ives scrolled through replies and tried a few but nothing for me alot doesn't apply ... I have Samsung s7!x

It seems to be an issue with the stock Samsung keyboard.  Do you have the Samsung Neural keyboard as one of your keyboard options?


If not, download Gboard.  It's really good

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It will allow you to get a regular keyboard and search gifs and emojis 




Since the ui and software update on s9+ i noticed i can no longer search gifs just emojis come up.the samsung keyboard is different also

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I have a s7 running oreo using the stock Samsung keyboard  version (says it's up to date). And there is not an option to search for gifs, only able to scroll thru categories . 


Many of the above suggestions about the smiley face aren't using the stock samsung keyboard. 


If anyone has found a solution I'd love to hear it. I have used gboard in the past, I like it.  But if I can use stock apps then that's memory I save. 


Fooouuunnnd iiitt!😂 

Lol.. solution is overdue, but I read this thread hoping to find something-found nothing here, and starting pressing buttons..then.. shazzam!







First, pull up a message thread..Screenshot_20190328-100357_Messages.jpgPress this magic button.


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Care to share your find ?
You see my post?
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I do now! Thanks ! I'll give a try in a bit. Work duties 🤷🏾‍♂️
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Nope. It's not fixed. It doesn't even return anything when I search in my messaging app. What's happening? I've already uninstalled and reinstalled the app to no avail.

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