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Camera sensor faulty pink spots

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When taking a picture I have dead pixels on the sensor. Pink dots/ lines appear. The main camera on the back of the phone. The lens is clean and not damaged. They are visable when zooming in on pictures. They dont move, always in the same place in the pictures.15732208485087685241206861248018.jpg


Superuser I
Superuser I
This looks bad, is the phone by any chance still covered by the warranty? If yes I highly recommend to send it to Samsung for repair.
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Hey @Phillb ,


hope you are having a nice Friday. can you tell me if this is happening in all light conditions and pictures? Can you run a test on the phone to see if there is anything wrong with the camera? To do this go to menu> Samsung> Samsung Members> Get Help section of the app (this is at the bottom right side of the screen when you launch the app) > Interactive Checks > Camera.


If the test results show that there is anything wrong with it, please follow the @SjorsK advice and take the phone to one of our Support Centres to be examined. Take a look at this link to find your closest one:

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