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Camera freezes after Pie update

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I got the update for my S9 last week. Never had any camera issues before that at all whatsoever. Now, suddenly, my camera shows a black screen, about everybthird time Ibuse the camera, and I have to restart my phone to get it to work every time. I tried to force stop the app, but that did nothing to help. The only thing that helps is to restart my phone. And I'm sick of doing that three times a day.

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Hi Christina,

Did you already try a factory reset? This might solve it for you (Not the best situation, but sometimes a clean install tends to help ).
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I have EXACTLY the same problem. Trying to find a way to go back to Oreo. I like the new feratures of Pie but it's not worth the sacrificing the camera.

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Same has happened to mine. Its been that annoying for months and then yesterday it got so bad I cant even shut it down now.   Is there a fix for this yet?

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Is there a fix for this issue already?


It is happening a lot and makes the camera almost unusable while on a travel.

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