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Hi Ryan23,


How are you doing????


Ryan23??? Can you please respond to my last message please???


A short version would be that Biggles007 was right about both sides not recording the incoming or and outgoing calls???
Can you please help???



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Doesnt work on new s10 either.
Yet works fine on a friends galaxy note9
Should work perfectly, we’ve had lots of S10 users report it works. Did you use a new SIM card or a used one?
How old is the phone? Is it networked locked ?

Non the less, Google and Samsung are blockin the use of a thrid party app. So don't try to twist the story.

Google officially discontinued the API for call recording when Android 6.0 marshmallow was introduced however there has always been a workaround right up to Android 8.1 Oreo, when the release of Android 9.0 Pie Google fixed all the loopholes. It is now totally impossible unless you have software from a country where the manufacturer offer a built in call recorder or you root your device (not advisable). Google have kept quiet about this and don’t like answering questions about it.
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Earlier, I was using a Samsung A10 device and voice reccoder was there it self, among Samsing apps.  But, a Samsung A10s device was purchased yesterday and found there is no "call reccorder" in Samsung Apps; only the voice reccorder was available.


Why ? and how can I get "Call reccorder" to my phone now ? Please do help !

Hope the following informations would be helpful for you!


- Mobile Phone model: Samsung A10s (SM-A107F)

- Android version : 9

- The date  of Purchase : 31st Dec. 2019

- Country : Sri Lanka (+94)


Thank you !


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See my post a few up.

Samsung deny ever having call recording in their phones,what you make of that statement?


Firstly Happy New Year to you all and thanks to everyone sharing within the post so we could all help each other.




Its a lie


Please see my attached pictures,


Take note where my Service provider SW ver. is


THL = Thailand where native call recording is available on all Samsung devices.












Happy new year Ryan23 & Everybody,

Thanks for posting your precious comments helping each other.

Ryan23. Glad to have you back with us! :-)

Care to comment on my post addressed to you and PM, please???


I wish that 2020 brings joy and a fix to everybody's problems for everyone.


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