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The easiest way to keep track of the recorded calls is to make a folder and move each call into the folder for person/s or company/s that's worked great for me.

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@Grzegorz79 wrote:

so my card whatt i buy this caard not working phone show me problem with  MMI i check also on my girlfriend device s9 same problem MMI
maybe i need activate this card but i dont know how

Are you using a phone with multi-CSC? I tried the Thai SIM method on my S9 and it fails as well as it appears that SM-G9600/DS is not a multi-CSC enabled version.


You may try the method mentioned here to see if your phone is a multi-CSC:

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This didn't work.  I went through everything. Same issue as before, doesn't record the other side unless I put them on speaker phone. 


Hi Ryan,


Is the phone supposed to be switched off while performing step 4 and/or step 6?


I just ordered my Thai SIM through eBay. Hopefully this will work for my S10. 


Thanks, Marcel


Hi Marcel


Step 4 leave the phone on and carry out the reset

and step 6 put the SIM card in when the phone is offl, I hope that helps.


Is your S10 locked to a network?


Kind regards 

Ryan 😊


Hi Ryan,


My S10 is not locked to a network, so it should accept all SIM cards.


Just to make sure I understand the sequence right Normally when you perform a factory reset, the phone will reboot itself and then shows the set-up screen (language, wifi, etc.). Do you turn of the phone while you are in that set-up screen? Does the set-up screen comes up again when you turn the phone on again with then the SIM card inserted?


Regards, Marcel


Ok that’s great and sorry I wasn’t specific it is really important you need to put the SIM card in whist the reset is taking place otherwise it loads the same software, when it starts the language screen will load as normal and if successful it should be in Thai language just click on the select arrow and pick your preferred language 😊 I hope that helps 




I will post an update once I have received the SIM card. I ordered it through eBay so it might take some weeks to arrive.

Cool thanks and good luck (mine took two weeks)
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Thanks for this. I have spent way way too many hours on this. Had a failed downgrade from Odin 6 months ago. But am willing to take another run at it. What you show above works only for the G960F. After you have completed it and changed the language to English no apps have complained? Banking apps, Know, Nothing? Much appreciated.

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