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Hey guys that's a great question, I've not noticed anything different and runs so smoothly, it's actually an improvement to UAE which was my last CSC code.
I too had the update to improve camera performance (S8+) and security featurs, all download and installed without a problem.

on my s10+ this change simcard not working after factory reset i have still english language and no option call recorder sad :( i buy this card from ebay what you post


Did you do a factory reset with NO SIM card in the phone and then put the THAI SIM card in the phone before you turn it back on ?


i put thai sim card and after that I make factory reset


You need to do a factory reset without that SIM card and put it in after the reset. Then turn it on 


ok i try now thank you and after that i'll inform you

Ok, good luck!

so my card whatt i buy this caard not working phone show me problem with  MMI i check also on my girlfriend device s9 same problem MMI
maybe i need activate this card but i dont know how

It comes pre-activated, what may have happened when you first put the sim in your phone before the reset it may have locked the sim (not sure on that 100%) however it has worked on my S8+ and S9+
Maybe order another one but follow my instruction do not put it in the phone until you have done a master rest on it.
When I did mine the first thing I sore was a different language so I had to select English and it worked from there. I hope you can get it sorted.

Hey, just wanted to let you know that Ryan's suggestion with the Thai SIM card worked for me as well. Thanks Ryan! 


1. Use Samsung backup + manually backup your pictures as all data will be erased. 

2. Remove all sim cards (I have the dual sim variant of the S9)

3. Factory reset

4. Turn off the phone. 

5. Insert Thai sim card.

6. Turn the phone on.

7. Thai language should be preselected. Choose your language.

8. Allow new sim cards settings. This will restart your phone.

9. Go through the phone setup process.

10. Enjoy native call recording  

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