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@Sphere wrote:

I tried the method on my s10 unfortunately it does not work, I managed to resolve the region lock code with help from samsung support.


I was disappointed as I wanted it to work for my s10 but I am very happy it worked for my s9+ I now have call recording available thank you so much Ryan for posting these instructions. Do you know of any method to enable call recording on the s10?

Thai sim

Hi how are things. I keep getting a message when I turn my phone on saying. A new service provider. To use service providers apps and settings. You need to factory reset your phone and all your user data will be deleted. I dont know should I do another factory reset or am I getting the because I put the thai sim in. Any help will be great 


Hi guys ok so hopefully this will answer some questions I’ve been asked.


Using the Thai sim method 

you will have a notification pop up every time you turn the phone on relating to new service provider. Do NOT click on this and carry out a new install as it will default the phone back to your local region. In other words what we have all done with the Thai sim to get that software will revert back.

You can only use a Thai sim once as soon as you try it in another phone it won’t work (this has been my own experience)

Some members are having difficulty with the S10, these phones have region locks on them which is put in place by Samsung to stop users doing exactly what we’re doing. You can contact Samsung and ask them to unlock your device, the way to do so is simply say your going on holiday and you will be using a local sim (Thailand) it won’t be long before they cotton on lol.

If you still experience problems after unlocking your device I’m afraid that Thai sim is no longer working and you will need a new one (it sounds ridiculous but it is what it is) I’m sorry that I’ve not made this clear I am learning as I go and sharing my experience. Just to touch on the region lock once this has been done you need to wait 72 hours before trying to install the Thai sim method however keep using your phone as normal (don’t turn it off and wait for the Thai sim to arrive I won’t go into detail about this but it is important)

I hope that helps guys.


Just a reminder that the Thai sim needs to go in the handset before it reboots!!! (Also very important) 

There are open Law suits already hopefully Samsung May sort this problem out and update accordingly.

Thanks for the help. I'll just leave it the way it is thanks. I hope things are well with you. Keep me updated if you have any more news about this thanks again.

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Region lock is easy to remove, you just need to use your phone to make calls for 20 minutes after which it's region lock is automatically removed. Hope this info is helpful.
@Ryan23wrote: .... You can only use a Thai sim once as soon as you try it in another phone it won’t work (this has been my own experience) .... Hi. This is really sad news because just waist my card on my sister S9 phone. It works but I was hoping that I will be able to use my card on few phones. I'll try to confirm this but just in case I ordered a new Thai sim, when it arrive I will let you good people know how it goes.

Yeah keep us updated. What can you do it's your sister. Make her buy you a new thai sim lol


@MarcelNL wrote:
It only enables the Samsung built-in call recorder.
Other call recording apps are still not working due to some Google policy changes.

You have three options you can select for automatic call recording:
- All numbers
- Unsaved numbers
- Selected numbers

Unfortunately there is no option to exclude numbers (spouse, voicemail, etc.

I have a phone purchased from HK, snapdragon variant. since Day 1 Ive installed the ACR on my phone. Im using a PH and Caribbean sim.

All my call recording is still intact.


Is this an Isolated case????

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