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Hi Alan


By carrying out the Thai sim method only enabls the Samsung call recorder, other 3rd party apps do not work due to Google's policy.


With my Samsung recorder I have the ability to do the following,

Record all calls, 

Select record (I.e when making a call I feel information is relevant within that call there is the option to press record similar to pressing the loud speaker button)


I hope this helps

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I followed the instructions but was not successful my phone is asking for a network sim unlock code. Is there any way to resolve this. I've checked my device with other network sim cards and they work fine. Any help would be appreciated.


Hi Sphere


I have a few questions which might give me more information to help you,


What phone do you have?

What Android version is your phone using?

How long have you had the phone?

What Country are you in?

Is your phone locked to a network or was it ever?

Did you buy your phone directly from Samsung?


Thanks Ryan

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I tried the method on my s10 unfortunately it does not work, I managed to resolve the region lock code with help from samsung support.


I was disappointed as I wanted it to work for my s10 but I am very happy it worked for my s9+ I now have call recording available thank you so much Ryan for posting these instructions. Do you know of any method to enable call recording on the s10?

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‏ I have note 8 SM-N950F 

does this method will work on this model too?

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I have note 8 SM-N950F 

@Ryan23 wrote:

Just make sure you follow these steps


To enable call recording on your Samsung follow these steps

1. Buy a pre paid Thailand sim card

2. Wait for it to arrive

3. Backup your phone

4. Take your sim card out

5. Factory reset your phone

6. Install the Thai sim

7. When your phone starts select your language (it will be default in Thai)

8. Go through the setup using wifi (the sim won't work data unless your actually in Thailand)

9. Take the Thai sim out turn the phone off put your sim card (that you would normally use)

10.  Turn the phone on restore your phone 

11. Go to your dial pad click on the top right 3 dots and select settings

12. Select call recorder (Samsung's own built in call recorder)



does this method will work on this model too?


But will you get the updates from Samsung, if so will it overwrite the Thai sim change?


Yes it will work and yes you continue to get updates from Samsung and no it will not affect the feature 

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Hi Ryan, I have a Samsung Galaxy s10 (SM-G973F) running Android 9. I've had the phone for a couple of months I reside in the United Kingdom my phone is unlocked and was purchased from an online retailer.


I have followed the instructions exactly as you have posted it worked fine on my Samsung Galaxy S9+ but I am unable to get them to work on the Samsung Galaxy S10. Do you know of any method that may work on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

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