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Whats your csc country specific code now after using the Thai sim? Open Settings> About phone> Software information and scroll to Service provider SW Ver. tab. You’ll find the CSC of your device right after your device model number in the first line.


I wonder if we can do the same trick but without a factory reset or without having a SIM card from Thailand. 


Please post your Service Provider SW version if you want.



Took a Screenshot. Hope I can share Screenshots on this forum... 

Hope this helps you guys. 

Hi kopjeKoffie my CSC code has now changed to THL.

I don't know of any other way other than changing it by installing new software which can be done using a computer please see previous threads (not easy)

Hope that helps
Awesome celone glad it worked for you 😊

Celone, what country are you in now? I'm in the USA and I'm wondering if I can do that here. My phone was purchased unlocked from Best Buy.


I'm in the UK but you should be able to do it without a problem 


I got my sim. I have to wait till I get my phone unlocked. Can you tell what is the best call recording app to download before I try the sim. From Ireland 


You don't download any apps as they won't work, Samsung have their own built in call recorder and it's actually really good.


Just make sure you follow these steps


To enable call recording on your Samsung follow these steps

1. Buy a pre paid Thailand sim card

2. Wait for it to arrive

3. Backup your phone

4. Take your sim card out

5. Factory reset your phone

6. Install the Thai sim

7. When your phone starts select your language (it will be default in Thai)

8. Go through the setup using wifi (the sim won't work data unless your actually in Thailand)

9. Take the Thai sim out turn the phone off put your sim card (that you would normally use)

10.  Turn the phone on restore your phone 

11. Go to your dial pad click on the top right 3 dots and select settings

12. Select call recorder (Samsung's own built in call recorder)




Nice one. I'll give it shot when I get my phone unlocked. If it does work for me when I do try it. Well thanks and I'll update you when I know if it does work.

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