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No they don’t and your have more satisfaction banging your head against a brick wall than talking to Samsung support who don’t actually know the issue they’ve been told to reply it’s simply illegal due to new google policy. That’s it! Don’t waste your time.

Worst part is that all the trick we could use are actually ends with S9, S9+ and Note9. There is no option to use combination file or any other method just now, to change CSC and enjoy with TOTALLY LEGAL call recording feature in S10 an probably on Note10 This might be my last Samsung ever


I just got my answer on MIUI forums: native call recording on latest MIUI global OS Android 9.0 Pie works perfectly as it was once working on my Samsung phones too, 100% integrated with the system, saving registration files directly on their cloud or the cloud service of your choice. You don't need on MIUI any 3rd party apps to record the calls.


As for their phones, you have better gaming performance for lower prices. If you want the better camera, then Huawei P30 Pro is the answer, but they have the same issues with call recording. iPhone is also horrible for call recording, since you must reroute your calls to another service.


I will keep looking. I tested a MIUI phone 2 years ago, but it had battery issues. This is why I stayed with Samsung.

No more.


I will keep this short 


If you don’t want to mess about with the software and you rely on call recording for work your easiest way out is hardware.


Amazon sell the Koolertron call recorder it’s not ideal but it works.


I to will probably not buy another Samsung device, unfortunately not enough people complain from Countries which are totally legal to have a built in call recorder. It’s a shame.


I'm using my S9+ with Trekz Titanium on Bluetooth while doing my evening cardio. I cannot run with wires all around me or to keep another Bluetooth device to my ear while running. In my car, I'm using the car's Bluetooth, so I cannot record with a secondary device. In any other situation, if I need to answer to a call, I'm using my Galaxy Watch, so again I cannot use another bluetooth device just to record the call.


So why do I need the call recording so much ?!? When I'm running/power walking, I'm usually calling my mother to speak about everything. I want these calls to last - when she will be no more, I will listen to her voice and remember her. Samsung took this away from me. 


So Samsung is actually forcing me to change my life style, quit a habit that last for years now. I'd rather change phone.


Right now, MI 9 looks like a winner (because of the 50% price tag, similar specs and native call recording in MIUI), but I'd rather have the specs of the Sony Xperia 1 that is even superior to S10+ in almost every aspect that is important to me - Sony didn't confirm yet the call recording function, so I will not buy another phone without native call recording.


Still waiting for now. Samsung did say they are thinking about patching this problem. I'll give them time until my summer vacation in August, when I'm usually upgrading my phone every year (I'm never spending all my vacation money).

I wanted the new S10+ for this year, but the call recording is a deal breaker for me.


In the mean time I'll keep using my ACR Pro on speakers when talking to my mother or if I need to record some other call and that's it ... it will also record a lot of background noise ... but I'll live with it until this summer.


Best wishes friends and thank you again for your kind replies, trying to help us all.


This should put an end to it. Google once again shove it up our dark place just like the 535 memebers of congress who replealed the privacy act. Look that up if you want to get all hot and bothered.


But here's the dope, Samsung or any other phone manufacturer is not to blame. Andriod which is Google, is.

Two party notification means both parties being recorded in a conversation must consent. One party notification only requires one of the parties being recorded to consent. Consent is usually granted by a notification recording at the beginning of the call (“This Call May Be Recorded For Quality and Training Purposes”), or with an audible beep tone. The California Supreme Court decision in Kearney v. Salomon Smith Barney, Inc., S124739 (July 13, 2006) showed that in a call from a One party consent state to a Two party consent state, the Two party law takes precedence.


Recording your calls serves multiple purposes: training, customer satisfaction, FCR, reduce liability, and more. 



Which states have two-party consent laws?

States with two-party consent laws are California, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, and Washington. All other states have one party consent laws, but even if your company resides in a one-party consent states, if it might make calls to two-party consent states it should either provide notification to both parties or not record these calls.


I hope this helps.


The official Samsung answer to this matter is an update that will come soon, that will enable the native call recording option if your country laws are allowing it.


I'm very optimistic now. 

Thank you Samsung for listening to our request !


Waiting for this update until August


If  this true I will believe Samsung leasing customers


Great, thank you.


Where did you find this offcial statement, if i may ask...

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