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No You don't need root your phone to change CSC. There is a way to change CSC using a combination file (Combination file is a service firmware file) more here

If  is right about recording features, it is a completely legal way to change the firmware on your phone. It will not affect your warranty and it does not require rooting.


This is how Samsung meant people to install alternative firmware and get languages or functions they would otherwise not have. Any phone shop can help you to do it. I have done this many times on previous devices when I moved countries. Download from sammobile:


Just check in advance which languages the firmware supports (although each firmware supports tons of languages). I have ILO which has all USA/European ones, but also tons of others (Russion, Arabic versions, etc). Very little risk to try. ILO firmware also supports VoLTE calls, which is nice if your provider supports it.


One note: you will loose all data on the device, so ensure all data is in the cloud. Read carefully upon first boot, the fimrware will probably ask you if it should install the software belonging to your SIM region. Dont confirm this, otherwise you may again be on the same firmware as you have now.


Thank you very much friends ! Will do it this weekend ! You are great !!!!!


You welcome.


Must say that on INS you loose Upday on Bixby card - you can install app from store and also quick start camera (double press power) not working, Samsung browser got some dalihunt website with news from India. For now that's the only bloatware I was not able to remove. I did remap Bixby button to start my camera (not working on screen lock) - press one to start camera, twice to start Bixby.. Just remember to start phone first time after flash ROM with CSC without SIM card. And enjoy call recording feature

And all bank app will working like before ? And what about update can we normally update and this csc stay or replace for old one , and this option working also Samsung s10+ ?

All banking aps work like before - this is not root so phone is still secure and receive OTA updates. For S10+ need a different combination files... check XDA or HERE

this file is NOT tested by people from XDA so be careful whit it
I'm not sure why you need to change CSC.
Just get the right firmware, no?

Because this is how Samsung manage call recording option. In some country is available in some not... If you want to have this option available simple need to flash ROM from country when call recording is allowed. BUT now Samsung releasing MULTIROM - there is a more than one CSC in ROM Screenshot_20190327-150937.jpg,

so if You want to have ROM from a specific country need to change Country Sales Code (CSC)


Hope that explain why.


Can anyone confirm that if we use the acr recording app but downloaded from the Galaxy store not play store  it works fine on Android pie as the acr site complain? This is a Google policy and the apps from the Galaxy store for Samsung devices have nothing to do with this policy! Please let me know.

No, pie does not work with an external recording app.
We refer to a built in app. The built in app doesn't always appear, it depends on your firmware.
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