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Yea, great. ACS seems to work on my both S9+ too.

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I returned my S9 the same week as purchase because of this and am totally uninterested in this eventual fix of failed sales practice by Samsung. I bought a competitor product from a competitor company and see no reason whatsoever to ever return to Samsung after them having demonstrated a permanent inability to properly manage a major company without alienating and infringing the rights of customers. The next major disappointment of management such as this call recorder issue will permanently be just around the corner and I am amazed that so many people just so happily trust Samsung again. I will not make that mistake and they will be unable to validly complain next time something like this happens. 

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I am having this problem too. The app worked fine until Samsung changed its software. I have tried multiple apps that used to work, and all of them are blocked by the Samsung operating system. I need this for my work. Love my Galaxy SA but this will force me to another phone if it can't be corrected soon!
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I recommend call recorder by skavlex. It's works on galaxy s9 plus for those of you still having issues. The downside is that's it's not free but it's so worth it since it's a onetime fee  


Same thing on my Snapdragon 845 Note 9, 512gb variant. I thought maybe it was a software error or maybe Verizon (carrier issue) or something, but it looks like they fully disabled this on newer infinity models. This blows because what if there is ever an emergency or something? Perhaps it has to do with not being allowed to video record someone with their permission, but same thing with audio, but Samsung says they are not responsible by making you agree to the license agreement. I'm not sure why Samsung did this, but I am very unhappy with this.


Sorry to here your having trouble Braxton, I actually thought the issue had been resolved. I know ACR is working (I’m in the UK all good here) Samsung blocked users (other than the Asian markets) due to so many laws across different Countries with regard to phone tapping. It took developers weeks some months to get a resolution in place. 

My advice would be try ACR the free version if not already and see if this works as I know it’s fine here. If not go through different apps that offer this feature to see if you can find one. You can contact the developers through the play store by means of feedback the good ones will contact you.

other things to ensure first make sure your software is up to date, then make sure your app is up to date do this first before doing any of the above. 

Good luck


any news? This is a major issue. Ive used Samsung phones since the S2 & Note one.... for this very reason. Ive just wasted the thick end of a grand on a phone I cant return.

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I had the same problem of not being able to hear the other person's voice when recording.  I finally solved it by:

1) Downloading the latest ACR software by Nll or by Skavlex.

2) Making sure these apps are not being monitored by battery management system in Settings/System Maintenance/Battery.


NLL software has the freeware option with advertising.

Skavlex has only a trial version of 15 days, after which you need to pay $2, but has nice features.


Why not just install BoldBeast call recorder and be done with it. I installed it nearly a year ago when a this titting around started with software updates and I have never looked back. It works flawlessly on the S9+ Exynos version with default settings.  No need to mess with it. Why are people still messing around? Spend a tiny amount on Google Play, hell it's even cheap enough to use your Google Rewards pennies and be done with it already.

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Call recorders like Boldbeast, ACR, skvalex etc don't record VoLTE and VoWifi calls. Which is most of calls in my case. Disabling VoWifi/VoLTE? Thanks but 90s are over. 

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