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Hi lella23 welcome to our chat.


Do you mind me asking what application your using to record calls ?



ACR Pro by Best Android tool and Acr by Appliqato on both my phones my note8 and Galaxy A7. Not working for the note8 though.

Ok I use ACR Pro and it works fine use the link below which was set up by #copluk the developer of ACR and they can send you a debug directly which should sort out the problem you have.


Your have to register then start a comment and take it from there I hope that helps.

Thank you so much @Ryan23 I appreciate it. Fingers crossed it works out for me.

Hi @Ryan23 , As I was about to download the Acr app i was scrolling around and just looking at some of the other one's and the reviews on them and happened to come across the Cube Call Recorder Acr by Catalina Group and read nothing but great reviews so I downloaded it and it works absolutely great no problems what so ever with my note 8 Just thought I'd share that with you all. Once again thank you for your help Ryan I appreciate it.


Lella23 that's awesome news thanks for sharing it might help others :-)

Ryan one more good news
Now acr works freaking all right through new update and works totally fine
Finally they found the way and beat samsung.

I have also tried it and it also works for me, but it does not work for me if I have wifi calls enabled ... does the same thing happen to you?


Hi Guys ACR sent out versions yesterday to try and all seems ok at the moment.


You can enable WiFi call recording in the app but this has always been  temperamental, the same thing your find until all the bugs are fixed or adjusted Bluetooth connections. 


It does look all positive now as most app developers have found a fix.

Thank you very much you are been very helpful and informative
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