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No one knows why Samsung blocked the S9 series, they blamed the developers which was not true.


When people first picked up on this issue when the S9 series was released Samsung customer service had no idea.

They eventually blamed the Law, and to this day have not released updates to allow this feature for individual Countries which legally allow call recording.

It has annoyed a lot of people and obviously the app developers who were getting the blame particularly the ones people paid for. 

Boldbeast were the first developer to get call recording active when the S9 series was released, I waited rather than get Boldbeast because I use ACR Pro and followed the developers own thread for updates.

The older Samsung devices if updated to Android 9.0 will stop the recording feature or at least that’s what people have reported.

It wasn’t just Samsung the Google pixel also had the same problem but developers were able to work around that too.

My advice would be don’t get a new device without checking the call recording feature will work!



Maybe it is not blocked in S7 and S8 because that would have caused bigger outrage? It is different to have a feature and then block it from not having that feature in the first place.


Also any sort of move to block something must gain critical mass. Maybe companies faced enough resistance to their scam so they decided to do something about it and started pestering Google and Samsung to block this feature so they can continue scam people over the phone?


The S9 and S9 Plus came with an Android OS that was fully capable of call recording when it was released. They have done exactly that, removed a feature that was present, paid for and contractually ours, fraudulently removing it with a forced update, so what you are saying it pretty much 100% inaccurate. 


But call recording is not supporting scam, opposite (according to me) help to prevent it. Becuase, you can use their conversation if there's any judged event. I'm not sure if it is acceptable, but at least you can give a prove.
If you're blocking it, I think you are worrying from sometihng


Since the Pie update ACR is only recording my side of the conversation.  Apparently google blocked the ability to record the other side of a conversation.  Is there s work around that?


Today I updated my Note 8 to android Pie and I can no longer record phone calls. 

With Android 8, the recording of phone calls was perfect.


No not unless you want to root your phone in which case you need to contact the developer I.e ACR they more than likely have their own thread. 


Yes this is what I meant. By blocking the call recording Samsung and Google supports scam artists and puts their customers into vulnerable position. 

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