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I bought Samsung s9+ couple weeks ago from England, I try couple app. Call recorders, but is not working properly like Xiaomi China phone, I hear my voice very clear but another person which talking with me, almost is not hearing, app, was been ACR&CUBE CALL RECORDER, so I want to say for *****ing Samsung company dont  lie to us, the client like England is not allowed for Samsung to installing, normal quality call recorder from stoke, because I'll not use this brand any more, I bought yesterday new Xiaomi very excellent price with more better camera that like Samsung which is cost 800£ and have and have excellent quality call recorder from stoke, which is free included, so Samsung maybe, I love designing at s9+, but for me my security to not be a fraudulent from some rubbish agency is more important like you f*** phone, good bye 

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Mate kick out the Samsung phone, this brand special is not give you access for recorder, I was spoke with them (Samsung support) they was replying that England country is not allowed. Hahaha rubbish words from samsung

Thank to everyone for all the updates!


Samsung have done it again and blocked all third party apps and will not change anything going forward and still blaming developers!


My work around was to bin off the new devices (my new S9+)  and go back to the S8+ Android version 8.0.0 exynos  8895 Octa. 

Current version: G955FXXS4CRLB/G955FOXM4CRL1/G955FXXU4CRKB


Im using ACR (30.0) as I always have done and it works perfectly using default settings. It is clear that the new models due to be released will also be call recording locked.


Unless ash you want to root your phones as of today’s date there is nothing, Google’s privacy policy is having an affect on how manufacturers are blocking this from the onset, so there may come a time where you will be rooting your phone from day one. A lot of the cheaper manufacturers have not blocked this feature and I’ve not heard bad things. 


Please dont go mad mad at the app developers they are trying there best to also find a workaround and if you speak with Samsung customer service will be more painful then rubbing your face with sandpaper so don’t bother. The only advice I can give anyone that needs to use a Samsung go back in time and get your hands on an older device, if not check before you buy any other phone.


Thanks Ryan (UK)


We should all strike till Samsung solve our issue with recording I suppose to order S10Plus but I'm not able to record my call so I will not till they solve it.


Hello my friend,
This is a shame of Samsung, but it does not seem to take any action to solve ..
Have you tried the Call Recorder software (I think I wrote the link above)? My S9 is currently only recording with this one.. Simple but at least working..




All S10 models including the fold will not be able to record. 


So so if you want that feature don’t change to any new device.

Another very frustrated new Samsung customer both for private and business use. We need recording for order lists including detailed specs. Only just moved so going elsewhere soon to replace. Talking 100plus phones here.
I think it was Ryan that mentioned boldbeast who were first last time to break through in 3rd party.
Shoddy for not listing in specs. Also moving supplier so all round poor.
Believe ripa2000 allows UK call recording. EU law not but ripa2000 is enough for ok.

Hi Chris 


Tes it was me who mentioned Boldbeast, they were the first recording  app to get a fix without rooting your device when the S9 was released, it really did ***** a lot of people off.


I have always used ACR Pro they took a little longer to get a fix in place. I decided due to this being an ongoing issue to go back to using a S8+ which I mentioned in an earlier post. Anyone upgrading there android software on older devices will stop call recording from working. 


You are correct in the UK we have the RIPA ACT 2000 which allows for call recording without consent however cannot be used without consent to any third party or sharing. 


Because the laws laws across the EU and globally are so different Samsung have cut it all together, the google are also considering a ban of recording apps so these may in future be only available directly from developer websites.


I think there is more to it, because if really they blocked call recording because of some mythical law, they should also have blocked the cameras because you can easily record someone without consent.

I think this is retail, banking, insurance and other industry's scam artists filling Google's pockets to block this feature. I have saved so much money because I could prove that given company pulled  a scam on me (consultant promising something then upon payment turning out to be something else then denying this ever happened).

Maybe there should be more involvement from Trading Standards? Samsung (and Google) is clearly putting consumers into a vulnerable position for no reason (which suggest corruption).


Yes, you may be right, but neither Samsung nor Google block all the recording process in all models..

Why it is blocked on S9 series? S7 and S8 is not blocked (yet!!) and Google supported phones and tablets are not blocked, other manufacturers not blocked, if it is required to made by law, others may have to obey these rules..

I don't think so that is coming from laws.. At least in our country it is legal (not illegal) and then our firmware should allowed me to use this feature then

If I had no warranty, I'll made it rooted but I'm at least able to recording with a software event it is installed a new update today..


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