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Hi all,
I'm very angry about blocking Call Recording issue on S9.
I tried lots of app for recording calls and all of them fails by hardware blocking.
And it is required to root the phone to enable this block!
But, at last, I found an app (Call Recorder - Automatic by Smart Media - working like a charm!!
It is recording and store recorded calls to Dropbox/GoogleDrive (not sending e-mails which Total Recorder does)..
It is not complex like ACR or Total Recorder but it is at least recording all the calls..
If anyone need it, give it a try..
@COArikan: thanks for the update! Are you running Android 9 (Pie) on your Samsung Galaxy S9? You can find the Android version under: Settings > About Phone > Software Information (here the first row displays the Android version). Thanks for sharing!

I was using at Android 8.1 Oreo and also switched to One UI 1.0 (v9) last week..  Build nr. is currently: PPR1.180610.011.G960FXXU2CRLI .

If Pie is newer version, I think it is not updated on our region (Turkey) yet, becuase my S9 says it is updated for the latest release.

And Call Recording is still working

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I dont understand why the hell this feature is not enabled in United Arab Emirates, it was not availbale neither on android 8 nor i updated to android 9 with one ui .. also not getting the reason to blocking this feature by samsung or region.


I decided to not update my phone since I bought it. Call recording still works for me, but the nagging messages to update the phone are super annoying.


I wonder why they have not disable the camera? It is "illegal" to record a voice, but voice and video is okay? Double standards :-)

Any news ? Last time was the same oreo was blocked but people from bloodbeast or acr find hole and recording start working now will be the same ?
I cant root my phone
Nothing new yet. Unfortunately there is a permanent "software update" notification on my phone now. Any idea on how to get rid of it (without accepting the update to Android 9)?

According to me, Android One (9) is not as well as 8.. Because icons got bigger, settings menu got bigger, notifications got bigger and phone speed is extremely slower than before (at least in my phone!).. Samsung Gear icons lost and everytime I have to off/on bluetooth connection to reach Gear settings.. Sometimes, phone calls getting missed because trigger doesn't slide while phone is ringing..

So, if you have chance, you should wait a bit more to update (actually I didn't like the new version)..


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There are still bugs in Android 9, just wait for the update for fixes, am sure there is gonna be many which will make it stable version.

I'm having the same problems on my s9 acr recorder wont working. I'm very angry about it cause I use the app slot for work. I hope they can fix it. Keep me updated about it please
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