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No problem abbutayyab your more than welcome, I've tried my best throughout I'm glad most people agreed




I'd also like to thank you for all your efforts I've been like others following your post and found it really encouraging and helpful.


It would be great if other had as much passion into helping strangers.


Thanks John2405


Again your welcome glad I had a positive input into helping others.




Ryan23 thanks


Thanks JOBEX I'm glad I also helped you in some way, thanks for your input in the thread 


I've been browsing for a few days as I'm looking for a third phone for business. 


With all these issues at hand with Samsung blocking call recording (with S9), would you advise I gear towards a Pixel 2 (small) or another Galaxy S8?


I emailed ACR and they kind of hinted that Pixel 2 may be a better option for me. 






A third phone must be awkward to carry so many have you considered a dual sim phone. I've got a dual sim S8 plus and it works great,I would highly recommend it.


I have heard the Pixel 2 has some issues with recording just double check, if it's been approved by ACR as in the recording issues with the pixel have been fixed then it is a very good phone. 


I had no idea a dual sim phone even existed. My main focus is to keep everything organized, but yeah it does get a bit clunky with so many phones. 


I agree, I'm sure the pixel's a great phone, but I can't shake the feeling that Google will update the phone at some point in the future that will inevitably block 3rd party call recording apps :/


Totally agree it's in there own security policy so it's just a matter of time and then it will be down to developers to look for a way round it.


Dual SIM phones are amazing phones calls and text messages are all separate. You can also bouncy between either number with ease as well as sharing data.


Here's a link to where I got mine from


That's for the new S9 plus


I strongly recommend watching some YouTube videos on how dual sim phones work, I think your be pleasantly surprised.


I'll get on that right away. Maybe dual sim is the answer, but hopefully the interface can be organized so I don't mix up my clients. 


In any case, I think I may have to just shoot for the S8 or (maybe even) an S8 dual sim phone. I just can't risk not having call recorder enabled. It looks like S9 is having many issues with that. 


But thank you for the super quick replies. 

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