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> As mentioned Samsung are looking to release an update with there own app implemented on the device taking away 3rd party applications usability.


This is illegal in the EU, because it limits consumer choice.




Haha, thanks. 


I really dont like the idea of Samsung making this feature exclusive on their phones. Just like the Work Space feature in Android 8.0. Why in the ***** should Samsung Knox be involved in the encryption feature for my work in an default Android app?


Same with Call Recording, it is probably going to be tied to the Samsung Account. Just like Health, Calender, Cloud, Pass and wallet.


Sorry to be the burden of bad news but that's what I'm finding out in other threads and it would be up to the app developers to take Samsung to court over the legalities of stopping 3rd party applications on there devices.

In the EU, there are institutions task with tackling anti-competitive practices. Consumers also have a right to complaint, because such practices are limiting their choice.
Again I'm not sure of the legalities of this but that's what Samsung are looking at doing according to the official statement from Samsung.

@Ryan23 wrote:

I'm promoting Samsung imports because people like Samsung phones (like me) if as many people in the UK don't buy UK handsets then in my opinion this will make enough of a dent in there sales to raise awareness of the issue complaining to customer service falls on death ears however I still suggest doing so. I hope that clarifies my position on the matter.

Well not really. Its not clear at all. It's not making a dent in Samsung's sales if you are directing people to buy Samsung's products! They will just see a skewed amount of S9 products being sold from one outlet instead of another. If everyone was directed to buy grey imports then Samsung are just going to get the same amount of sales. No action will be taken to rectify the already affected phones in this instance. Instead Samsung will just lap up the profits from the imports instead.

Well yes very really because they will see a dip in sales in the UK and then wonder why, with all the complaints as to why I think it's not brain surgery.
I also like Samsung phones and I use Samsung accessories like the Gear watch so I need a fix and I found one. So yes very really, you keep your UK version and hope for an update, good luck with that.
Tip: make a complaint everyday, see if that helps.
hi thanks for information can you please give a link 🔗 so we all can make complain about voice recording we need that feature back is there any way we can make a petition against samsung galaxy S9 phone and highlight these issues and share all over social media like Facebook twitter and others so more and more people aware of the issue and raise voice against Samsung and make them to listen us thanks waiting for all of your suggestions about this problem thanks

Hi abbutayyab, thanks for joining in the conversation.


There is no official link for a group of complaints to Samsung they have diverted this very cleverly. 

My advise is if you've got the S9 phone your local Samsung customer services number get through to complaints and tell them a full account of the issue 

1) When in calls your phone goes silent sporadically.

2) You are no longer able to use recording apps available on Google's play store which you use for work or in my case conversations with Hospitals and Doctors.


At this point they will ask you if you've done the most recent update (which was meant to fix the silent calls and it didn't)

Tell them you have and it's still doing so and explain how important it is that your able to hold a clear conversation with the other person.

With the App recording feature it depends what Country your in to the responce your get.

The normal responce is, it's the developer software that doesn't work isn't compatible.

If they say that ask them why on the Snapdragon versions it works fine. At this point the customer service agent won't know what to say and probably put you on hold. (Lol)

When they come back tell them how important the app(s) is to you personally and you've checked online to find out Samsung have blocked the ability to record (if they don't know) 

At this point make a formal complaint that your unable to use apps available on the Google app store and get them to send the complaint to the app development team at Samsung (this is the important bit as it goes back to Korea)

After all of the above ask them what your meant to do now that your unable to hear the other person properly and unable to use important apps which are available to everybody.

When they go quiet on you (as they normally do at this point) they will suggest to send the phone in for repair. Tell them NO because you need a phone (which is why you purchased one) and don't want a repaired device having only just purchased it. Then tell them you want to hand it back and a full refund. (If you purchased it from them directly ask them to send you a pre-paid bag to send it back) if you purchased it from elsewhere ask them for a FAULT CODE to enable a return to the retailer. If your in contract then do the same thing with a FAULT CODE and tell them you've spoken with Samsung and the device is faulty and your unable to use applications available on Google's play store as these have been blocked by Samsung and they didn't tell you when you got the phone nor did you know. If that fails try and sell it if you really get stuck and want rid.


That's all I can advise I hope it helps in someway but there is no fix anytime soon. 


Feel free to look at a link in previous comments to purchase one should you be able to get out of your one (if you still want a Samsung)


Good luck!

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