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The seller I've pasted a link to imports all phones hence work fine with any call recording app.


Samsung haven't done themselves any favours adhering to Google's security policy. 


@Ryan23 wrote:

The seller I've pasted a link to imports all phones hence work fine with any call recording app.


Samsung haven't done themselves any favours adhering to Google's security policy. 

Ryan23 why continue to promote Samsung imports? Surely you should be suggesting people that haven't already bought the phone and got locked into a contract go elsewhere like the Google Pixel 2 or the Huawei P20 Pro? Suggesting people still buy Samsung grey imports isn't going to help matters. They'll just make more effort to block the next generation if we act like children to temporarily circumvent restrictions. Eventually this restriction is coming to all Samsung phones if we don't act now and bash down their doors with complaint after complaint. Even previous models are going to be affected with firmware updates containing the same nasty artificial limitations. No one with an S7 or S8 variant are safe.

agree with you we are all having this issue there should be a solution for that this is not fair us version working fine

I got this from Samsung:


I know this is really important to you, please let me explain further.


Here at Samsung, we take customer feedback very seriously and we will ensure that your feedback is forwarded to the appropriate team for further analysis.


To send software feedback straight to our developers, please use the Samsung Members application. If it's not built in on your device, you may download it from Google Playstore. To be able to send feedback on Samsung Members, please open the application, select Support and tap on Send Feedback. This will allow you to ask a question or send an error report.


I can assure you that we appreciate all customer feedback and use it to drive future innovation and improvements. I will ensure that your comments are passed to the relevant team so we can address any areas for improvement. You can also leave feedback on our Community Forums on the Website.


Should you have any other queries, please let us know.

If you require additional support, please contact us on 0330 726 7864 (UK) or 0818 717 100 (EIRE), or respond to this email and I will be more than happy to help.



Kind regards,


So I've done as suggested.  The more that do the better. Mention ripa2000 legislation as that allows call recording in uk. 


I'm promoting Samsung imports because people like Samsung phones (like me) if as many people in the UK don't buy UK handsets then in my opinion this will make enough of a dent in there sales to raise awareness of the issue complaining to customer service falls on death ears however I still suggest doing so. I hope that clarifies my position on the matter.


I will add if I haven't helped you get what you wanted then ignore my comments, have you read them all ?


Now I've got a bit more time I wanted to touch base on my my recent comments.


Samsung have posted an official review which reads as follows:


Based on Google’s security policy and local law, Samsung has blocked call recording through 3rd party applications. Thus this operation is intended behavior. However some 3rd party application developers had found a detour to record each voice during calls and applied it to their apps. Those applications have been working on previous Samsung devices whereas is blocked on S9/S9+ device due to improved call recording solutions. So we have a plan to apply this solution on old models.


So in other words there have been sufficient complaints across the world with S9 devices running Exynos which is what's preventing your phone if you have one from recording calls for them to release the above statement. 


I'm following other threads and were all suggesting the same thing 


1) Phone Samsung and complain, explain you use the app for work (helps more if you say that)

1.a) Not only does call recording not work but on the S9 devices with Exynos there is an issue affecting calls where the line goes blank so complain about that to, they are aware of this.

2) Tell them because it can't be fixed you are going to return the device.

3) They do ask you to raise your complaint through the Samsung member app, politely decline and ask the advisor to pass your complaint to the app development.

4) Send your phones back

5) If you want a Samsung that works and that isn't going to change to these devices buy one from the link I've attached. 

6) If you don't want a Samsung anymore send it back and get a different device.

7) If you want to keep your UK version that you've just got on contract or purchased wait for Samsung to release an update, and if you've had a Samsung long enough you all know how long it takes for them to do that, bearing in mind they are looking st each Country and local Law. (There doing this from Korea not something there doing in the UK)


By doing the above your get your complaints registered. By sending the phones back Samsung are going to realise this is a serious situation because there going to have a stockpile of handsets (keeping them isn't going to help) and hopefully there will be a fix but I can tell you now the NEW DEVICES are more likely to have a fix before release then a software update to fix the S9's currently out at the moment!


So whoever asked me why I'm promoting the imports is 

1) You have a working phone if you want a Samsung.

2) You don't have a Samsung that doesn't work.

3) Samsung will have a nice stockpile of handsets and future phones will NOT have this problem 


I hope that answers your question


However if not ask away if I can clarify my justification to your question in more detail.


Thanks @Ryan23 for the tip and the welcome,


But, Samsung might not really have a choice as their S9+ specifications / productpage dosent mention that "Call Recording" is a removed feature from the standard Android 8.0 release. Its a undisclosed deviation.


I will continue and try my way here in Sweden with the Swedishs laws as best as I can


I forgot to mention the Google pixel 2 have recording issues and the Huawei P20 and pro also have issues.

Here's a link which a developer started to answer questions (ACR) #COPLUK ask away regarding other manufacturers in that thread regarding this.

@alle990 no problem I hope you can get something sorted out.

As mentioned Samsung are looking to release an update with there own app implemented on the device taking away 3rd party applications usability.

I think there going to have big issues with this, there is already a Law suite in Israel against Samsung and the importer I've not got the link anymore but if you reach for it I'm sure your find it.
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