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The official Samsung answer to this matter is an update that will come soon, 
that will enable the native call recording option if your country laws are allowing it.

Any source of that news ??


It was in the post but they removed it. I can try to do it another way. Give me some time.


If so, google the title of the post and click cache...

What was the title of the post?


I think this is a false hope or really cruel joke - after all it's still 1st of April

:( 1 April sad

I have spoke to Samsung and they have not indicated any news regarding a update to support call recording in local Countries where it may be legal.


Unfortunately, they are forcing us to root-fix it-unroot phone method

At least I'm using ona app to record calls, but native app would be better of course..

I don't mind that Samsung make it available nearly..

Why did they choose S9 series It's our chance?????


Sorry for having seconds thoughts about that but i own the gear iconx 2018 that many including me face many isuues with the proximity sensor being too sensitive and disconnecting and never a update fix came for them just the new galaxy buds.. just saying

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I avoided the update for a month of so, then it somehow got though now ACR on my Note 8 NO LONGER WORKS. I have always been a fan of Samsung appliance. After this they have lost all my Business. If it is illegal to in the UK leave it to the consumer to ensure he does not contravene the law and that he gets the law changed. Why is it illegal, only criminals, terrorists and politicians need to hide what they are say in a telephone conversation




Sorry to say they eventually do it automatically however welcome to the group.


It is completely legal in the UK to record a phone conversation even without consent, the only time you would need consent is if you were to share that conversation with someone else. 


Check out the RIPA ACT 2000

(Regulation of investigatory powers Act 2000)


If you get a chance make a formal complaint to Samsung the more of us that do it does help. 


Feel free to read through the thread for  workarounds.

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