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Call Recording werkt niet op de Galaxy S9

Superuser I
Superuser I
Honestly, Samsung protects you against abuse of malicious apps. You are always free to use a custom rom without Samsung's security solutions. You could also use first party apps

Hi BruceH

Thanks for the clarification. Is this the official Smasung response?

Nick Moderator

yes, this is indeed Samsung's official response. 

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You right,


has nothing to do with law, the same with a car,  speedlimits on highways and town are limited terefor is the speedlimit of the car nor reduced  to 30km p/h.


I'm a private investigator and recording phone call is important for my, in Belgium and other countries of the EU is it not forbidden by law to record communications between twoo persons, alsong the one that record the  communication take part of the talk !!


So Samsung have no right to do this.


Hope they hav fast a solution or I have to chang my phone !!!

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they protect nothing with that.


I did by the phone and want to do wat I want with it, is is my phone.


Everybody is free to protect himself latet but not like this.


The recording of convesations is very important for my job, now I'm blocked !!!


It is not fobidden by law in Belgium and the EU to record convestations aslong you take self part on te recorded conversation.


Looks like Samsung might be changing their minds on call recording in the S9/S9+. This is a translation from the offical Samsung importer in Israel, facebook page, in response to a comment:


"Samsung update regarding call recording on S9 devices
Recording calls through third-party applications is subject to Google's security policies and local law.

Samsung will implement a call recording application in the upcoming version update in Israel and in all countries where local law allows it."

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Wath a great news !!! 


Thank you !!


"Based on Google’s security policy and local law, Samsung has blocked call recording through 3rd party applications. Thus this operation is intended behavior."


Google is suddenly caring about privacy? What a joke! Anyway, it is unacceptable, as call recording is not illegal in my country and we don't need an American or Korean corporate to tell us what we as consumers can and cannot do (in our country). So Samsung, fix this, or it will be the last Samsung device I purchase in my life. I do not need products that limit me in key functionalities that I need.


Samsung wil kennelijk hun klantenbestand uitdunnen. Als je dit probleem wilt oplossen, ben ik bang dat je van merk moet wisselen. Welicht is de Huawei P20 pro een goed alternatief.

geen denken aan Samsung gaat dit probleem oplossen!
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