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Calendar display wrong week day but correct date

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I have calendar version


Occasionally when I open my calendar, the day of the week is misaligned with the date. The date is correct but the weekday is one day off.

For example, I just opened my calendar and it shows Jan 2020 and the 24th January is highlighted, but above it is "SA." for Saturday, when it's actually Friday.

If I close the calendar app and reopen it, the problem is temporarily resolved and the correct weekday is aligned with the date.

This has been happening for sometime now, and being such an obvious bug I assumed Samsung would be aware of it and resolve it via an update, but to date the issue still persists.

I have a Samsung galaxy s9.

The issue appears to occur if the calendar app has been left running in the background. As stated, closing the app and reopening resolves the issue, until the next time it happens.

Is anyone else experiencing this?



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