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Bring back the individual text tones and notifications on S9


So just got the update for the new pi OS...Guess what??? NO INDIVISUAL CONTACT TEXT TONES.. SAMSUNG HAS LIED YET AGAIN 


I didn't expect them to.  However, since this is an authorized Samsung site and is monitored by authorized Samsung employees who have taken it upon themselves to censure my posts by deleting some of them complaining about this feature vanishing with no acceptable explaining, I quit this forum. Y'all have fun .


I have tweeted them over and over Idk

Can someone please tell me what happened to customizing different text tones for each individual contact 

I definitely agree a phone is not a phone if you can not customize text tones for each individual contact
I found a solution.
If you're going crazy because your phone notifies you of EVERYTHING with the same exact tone... Go to your SETTINGS . ACCESSIBILITY . NOTIFICATIONS . SWITCH TO OFF.

I was more angry about the fact that we are unable to CHANGE OUR NOTIFICATION SOUNDS.
our Gmail, our Evernote, our Instagram and our text Notifications to Notifications that are different from each other. Make sense?

Our fliphones were able to assign ringtones and individual text sounds, though. Just saying. Samsung can you hear me?!
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if you go to messaging

choose individual person

press 3 dots

turn on custom notifications

choose sound 

make sure you have put the required sounds in your notifications folder

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When this thread was started....over a year could not make individual text tones... since this thread was started that have sent thru an update and now we can. No need to give us step by step.....


This is for the message we are complaining about the contact feature ....if we delete the message the tones goes away it used to be in the contacts after ringtone I'm told its Google android that took it away 


Just found an easy solution and am now able to customize individual contact text notifications...go into your text conversation with the person you want to change tones. In the top right corner press the three dots. Turn "on" the custom notification button then touch in the larger white box that actually states "custom notification".  Then choose "sound". Here, you can choose a different sound for that person. Back out if this menu and that individuals sound is saved.

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