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Bring back the individual text tones and notifications on S9

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There is a way to have individual text ringtones on the Samsung Galaxy S9+! Send a text to someone, go up to upper right side opposite name of person you are texting. Under their name you see notifications? Under it should say on default & then you will see custom under custom and select tone you want! The only thing is, you can't delete ALL messages, you must save at least one to keep it assigned to them.


Finally! Got the update notification and now I can thank god that hell is over


i found how to do this totally by accident.

1- go into the conversation

2-tap the 3 dots in the upper right hand corner

3- in conversation settings tap the default heading

4-this will take you to a new screen, tap custom

5-tap the setting icon

6-this will take you to the app notifications screen

7-tap sound and pick your sound


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That feature has been brought back just last week!



That's not an option, that only works per conversation, delete messages and it goes back to the default tone.


We need this back in Contacts, like it used to be.


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I got so excited when I saw Samsung brought back a bit of colour with Samsung Galaxy S9. I thought this would be best phone yet, but I too, am a bit disappointed. I mean, I've been a Samsung fan for as long as mobile phones have been in mass production. Anyone remember that little red flip number that had Swarovski Crystals around the outside screen? It was a beautiful little phone created for women, why can't we have pretty phones anymore?? It is quite disappointing too, that there is only one notification tone, you ever know whether you got a text or an email or whatever else. Once upon a time Samsung even allowed music as a tone setting for various notifications. One would assume that with technology improving, we would get more options rather than less. 

Samsung, please bring back more options again :smileyhappy:

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This must be fixed immediately! With all the versatility of the phone and not to have this is ridiculous fix it now!

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I tried all the things you listed, but I dont have the options you listed to change anything.  I also checked my app to make sure it is the most current version.  still no luck😕

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Please do an update and bring back the individual text message sounds. I used a special one for my parents at work. Thank you





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