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Bring back the individual text tones and notifications on S9


I am somewhat regretting getting the S9 because I can't complete the simple task of setting individual text tones for my contacts. I also hate that it sounds like I have a text when an email comes in or any other notification that isn't a text since apparently separate apps aren't allowed to have different notification sounds. Please, just put it back to how you had it before Samsung!

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Hi, yes I completely agree it was much better when you knew who or what was contacting you just by the sound.
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I have YouTube ways of changing the text / email notifications an it's not possibly. I can't believe my s6 had all the features an this " new phone" doesn't. I am not satisfied with this phone at all. Fingers crossed they fix it with a update!!!

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It is amazing how completely disconnected a company can be from the actual customers. Too little too late downloading a 3rd party text app.


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i completely agree. Such a simple feature many of us loved to use. What purpose is it to take it away. It seems like such a simple patch and yet no update yet. I don't really want to use a 3rd party app. It's actually one reason I left apple. but now I kinda regret it


So definitely no way to set up a personalized text tone for a contact, which stinks; however, it is possible to differentiate a text tone from all other notifications. 


Choose your general notifications tone under 'Sounds and Vibration'.


Then under 'Notifications' scroll down and select 'Messages'. From there, select 'New Messages' and make changes under 'Sound'.


Now your general notification tone will be different from your text tone. Hope this helped!

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I got the s9 yesterday and I already hate it for that exact reason! Give us back the customizations!

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Same here, bought it yesterday, consindering returning it today because of this.

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Please bring back the individual notifications for text messages. Had I been aware of this I would have not "upgraded" to this phone. This is a downgrade as I used the individual notification everyday. I will for sure do a lot of research before ever "upgrading" to my next phone. Very disappointed in the S9. I have had your samsung phones for a long time and LOVED them, but now I am not sure what my next choice will be. I will research for sure and ask plenty of questions. Please bring back this feature and make me love my phone again!
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