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Bluetooth connection issues on S9+ with Fitbit Charge 2


I connected my fitbit with no issues about 4 weeks ago but in the last week I'm having problems syncing the device. It's paired but for some reason not talking to one another. Any ideas?


Regards Dave


Its now 2 months later and have had nothing but the same issue. Is there a way to update the bluetooth in any way or can anyone else come up with an answer. Have also logged the issue with fitbit support too. 

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Hey there,


I have a fit bit charge 2. I can't connect at all. I get to entering the 4 digit code then nothing happens. 


Dis you manage to get yours working again ?


Yes it works but every morning I have to restart bluetooth so it reconnects. Pain in the ***** and no one wants to take ownership of the problem!

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Annoying. I can't even sync mine, any ideas or tips ?
I have looked on fitbit site done all the steps but can't seem to get past entering the 4 digit code. I just get a blank screen on fitbit.


Nothing I'm afraid  sorry


Having a look round about this problem as my Charge 2 won't synch via my Samsung S7. I unpaired it and tried repairing it and it's not 'communicating with Bluetooth. I have spent ages on live chat wit fitbit, we tried it on my daughter's iPhone and had no problems so it's definitely a Samsung problem. I updated the software a few weeks ago and wonder if it's that as Fitbit working fine beforehand

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