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Bluetooth Connection Problems - S9/S9+/Note 9

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Since the update in October I have been having problems with my S9+ maintaining a Bluetooth connection to some devices. It appears that the problem affects all Exynos based flagship devices (so S9 series and Note 9).

Whilst I can live with my speakers or car disconnecting (as annoying as that is), what I can't live with is my Continous Glucose Monitor disconnecting - I rely on this to manage my diabetes and warn me of high or low glucose in my body, and the possible impacts of that (ketones, coma, death - fun things like that)


The problems happen when the phone is not being used and the screen locks itself - this seems to cause the connection to the Bluetooth device to be missed or disconnect. As long as the phone is unlocked it maintains the connection. This was not an issue until immediately after the October update patch was installed.


I've spoken with other users of these CGMs who also have a 2018 Samsung flagship and they are also having the same issue. This appears to be affecting two types of CGM so looks to be a Bluetooth/Samsung issue rather than a problem with the apps, which worked perfectly until the update was installed.


The CGM devices are also not paired via the phones Bluetooth menu. They MUST be paired via the Bluetooth menu within the appropriate app for them to work and connect properly.

All Samsung have done for me so far is to suggest I call the Galaxy Stars phone line, and all they can do for me is suggest a factory reset.

To try to fix this problem so far I have:

  • Factory reset
  • Cleared Bluetooth cache
  • Uninstalled/reinstalled my CGM app
  • Rebooted the phone (several times)
  • Installed the November update (didn't fix anything)

None of the above have worked. Are there any other things I can try, or how can I get Samsung to take this seriously, log a complaint/bug report and investigate to resolve? I have been emailing them but I just get a standard response and asked to call the Galaxy Stars team.



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I had a similar problem with my headset and car connection.  It would only connect if the phone was active and not just sitting in my pocket.  A recent patch had installed a program called SmartThings from Samsung.  When I removed that it was fine again.

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Whatever they've changed in the One UI beta has fixed the issue for me.


Now I'm just waiting for an update to that where they mess it all up again.

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I have the same issues - AFTER I updated to One UI. - I have tried everything -  Factery reset - Deleting apps - reinstaling etc.

Nothing works - When the S9+ is not beeing used and I am listening to a book, it just stop - And I can't access the S9+ from the device (Nissan Connect) - Where my S8 is working fine!



Can someone please suggest a fix for this issue. I am having a similar issue with my Note 9

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I'm getting the same issue with my S9+.  If I try to stream music or podcasts to a bluetooth device, it will stop playing after about a minute.  I have to go back into the app and press play again.  This happens over and over and over again.  Phone calls through the bluetooth work fine.  I have tried every reset option recommended, and it still does this.  This is becoming very frustrating, and is completely unacceptable. 


I checked with Samsung product support 

Thye suggested to clear cache and data from Apps menu in setting for Bluetooth and Bluetooth Test app

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New S9 on March 10, have several Bluetooth devices and they all disconnect minutes after lock screen activates.  Bluetooth looks like it is still connected as pressing play gets you going again . Can't find a fix, have emailed Samsung ,if no reply this week the phone will go back to Sasktel.  Thousand dollar phone should handle the simplest wireless tasks with ease  my S5 did, rather unacceptable. 


My note 9 had same issue. I was able to get it fixed. Samsung care at Ubreakifix was able to fix the issue. He kept my phone for couple of hours. It is fixed now. Will suggest to try that

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Think I may have found a fix, looking through old forums I found out there was an issue similar to this a while ago due to the power saving option working better than expected. The phones were putting apps to sleep whenever they weren't in use or the phone was locked to maximise running time. I have been having these same issues with my S9 and since turning off this setting in settings->Device Care->Battery->whichever app is closing and you'll see a "Put app to sleep setting" try turning that off and hopefully that works for you

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